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2018 - 2019 Guide to Registration and Fees

How do I register and select courses?

Registration consists of three steps:

  1. Selection of courses;
  2. Payment of Tuition and the Student Assistance Levy (SAL) and,
  3. Picking up and/or validating your Student Card.

You have not completed the registration process until you have completed all steps.

Please be aware that, if you have an outstanding debt, you will NOT be able to participate in the course selection period. All outstanding debts must be paid before you can register. Log on to SOLUS to view your account and see if you have any outstanding debts.
Law Students: Key Dates for Course Selection
  • First-year law students will be registered in their small section and first-year courses by the Faculty of Law in the first week of July.
  • September 1 - 10: Open Enrolment to add a course for Returning Upper Year Law students only.
  • September 11: Last date to drop a course for Returning Upper Year Law students only.
  • New Upper-Year Law students will be registered in courses manually with assistance from the Manager of Academic Programs, Nancy Somers ( ) Academic advice regarding course selection should be sought from Assistant Dean of Students, Heather Cole ( )
Step 1: Course Selection
These steps are for undergraduate and professional students only. If you are a Graduate student, please contact your Graduate Assistant to talk about your course selection and registration.
Windows for Course Selection
  • July 16 - 25, when some courses will have restrictions to ensure students who need certain courses receive priority; and,
  • July 26 - August 3 (July Open Enrolment), when all courses will be available to you as long as you have the right prerequisites.
Students in the following programs and years will have some or all of their courses automatically added to their schedule by their Faculty / School in late June:
Commerce Years 1 and 2
Education All years
Music Year 1
Nursing All years
Physical Education / Kinesiology Years 1 and 2
Engineering & Applied Science All years
Law Year 1
Medicine All years
Students in the following programs and years will choose some or all of their courses and will have what are called 'Enrolment Appointments':
Arts and Science All years
Commerce Years 2 - 4
Music All years
Nursing Years 2 - 4
Physical Education / Kinesiology All years
Engineering & Applied Science Years 2 - 5
Law All years*
* New incoming upper-year Law students will select courses and be enrolled manually with the assistance of the Manager of Academic Programs, Nancy Somers at
Enrolment Appointment
You will be able to see your Shopping Cart and Enrolment Appointment time in SOLUS as of July 9. When your Enrolment Appointment time begins, access the SOLUS Student Centre to enroll in your classes. If there is space available in the classes you have selected, you will be enrolled in those classes.
September Open Enrolment
If you chose some or all of your courses, you will have another chance to add, drop, or swap courses during September Open Enrolment, Open Enrolment begins August 21 at 12:01 am, except for Law (September 1-10) and Education (September 1-19)  but please remember that in-person help can only be provided from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time).Online user guides for SOLUS can be found at
Step 2: Payment of Tuition and Student Assistance Levy (SAL)
Tuition and the Student Assistance Levy will be applied to your account within 24 hours of your courses being selected and/or loaded and are due in full by September 1st, 2018 for Fall Term and January 10, 2019 for Winter Term. To see how much you owe, log on to the SOLUS Student Centre via the MyQueen’sU Portal. Under the 'Account Summary' click on ’CHARGES DUE BY DUE DATE’.
Challenges meeting the Tuition and Student Assistance Levy (SAL) deadline?

To assist students who cannot meet the September 1st and January 10th payment deadlines, but have a proven source of funding, an Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) Program has been developed. The APA allows students, upon approval, to defer payment of their tuition without penalty, to September 30th for Fall Term fees and January 31st for Winter Term fees.

An APA request must be submitted no later than August 15, 2018 for Fall Term and December 15, 2018 for Winter Term. APA requests must be sent from your email address and must include your student number. You may submit beginning in July and may request both terms at the same time.

Submit an APA request if you will be receiving the following sources of funding that prevent you from paying your tuition by the respective due dates.
  • Provincial / Territorial Government Assistance (Out of Province government assistance) – send a copy of your Funding Details to if you did not notify Queen's of your Provincial/Territorial government assistance last year, in 2017-18
  • Scholarships / Awards External to Queen’s – send your award letter to
  • Third-party funding (e.g. foreign government, corporation,band funding, etc.) – send your sponsorship letter to
  • Extenuating Circumstances – If you have circumstances that will prevent you from paying your tuition by the due dates, you may request an APA. For example, if you can pay most of your fees by the deadline, but not all (e.g. receiving a final summer employment pay cheque after deadline). – send a detailed request to
You will be granted an APA automatically if you have:
  • applied for OSAP for 2018-19 and have received an assessment by August 15th
  • notified Queen's of your Provincial/Territorial government assistance last year in 2017-18
  • applied for US Government Loans for 2018-19

For full details on the APA process, visit

Step 3: Student Card Validation

The final step of registration is to ensure you have your Student Card validated. Please follow the schedule available on our website: You will keep your card for the duration of your degree program at Queen’s, and will have it validated each September. Please note that your registration is not complete until you have your card validated.

Validating your Student Photo ID Card

Every Queen’s student is issued a Student Card at the beginning of their studies. It serves not only as a form of identification, but as your passport to a number of on-campus services, including those provided by:

  • The Office of the University Registrar
  • Campus Security
  • Faculty offices and departments
  • Queen’s University Libraries
  • The Athletics and Recreation Centre (ARC)
  • Numerous student services, including pre-purchased meal plans and bus service

Students are issued a card at the beginning of their studies, and it is validated each year provided you are enrolled.

For more information on the Student Card, as well as policies governing its use, please visit: