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2019 - 2020 Guide to Registration and Fees

July Checklist

Step 1 of the Registration process - Course Selection
There are three windows for Course Selection:
1) July 15 to 24, during your first enrollment appointment time, some courses will have reserve capacities on them. This is to ensure that students who require those courses for their degree programs receive priority;
2) July 26 to August 2 during your second enrollment appointment time, most reserve capacities will be lifted and provided there is space in the course and you satisfy the course prerequisites, you will be able to enroll in those courses; and
3) August 20 to September 18, the Open Enrollment period is your opportunity to make changes to your course enrollments.
**LAW Open Enrollment takes place from July 15th to September 17th (3L) and from July 17th to September 17th (2L)**
Consult our 'How do I register and select courses?' page for more information and the 'Understanding SOLUS tutorials' page for a how-to guide. If you need help, please contact your Faculty / School office (see 'Support and Services' for contact information). (Please note that returning Law students will have already completed this process.)
Completing your OSAP or other government student financial aid application by early July
Your OSAP or other provincial/territorial student government assistance application should be submitted by early July to ensure funding is available for September.
For a list of government assistance application websites, visit the Student Awards Office website
If you are an international student without valid Canadian provincial / territorial health insurance
You will automatically be charged for and enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan, a mandatory health plan. UHIP is a primary insurance plan that provides basic medical coverage for most doctor and hospital services in Ontario.
You can enroll for additional coverage in UHIP by visiting the Queen’s University International Centre, located in Mitchell Hall, or by accessing the pre-registration form at
Good Habits!
Make sure you are regularly checking your Queen’s e-mail and the MyQueensU Portal message centre for important messages from Queen’s. For more information about Queen’s e-mail, please go to:
Queen’s Learning Commons is a fantastic, on-campus resource that can help you with learning skills, writing, planning assignments, career planning and a lot of other things that will help you succeed at Queen’s. Check out their website to learn about the workshops and tools that are available to you:
If you are a student with a disability, for which you need academic accommodations, you will need to register with the Accessibility Services Office. Please complete the Pre-registration process ( You will be contacted by them to arrange an appointment. More information is available on 'The basics for everyone' page.
Be Pro-Active!
Are you moving into residence for the first time? Why not talk to some of your friends who may have been to university to get some tips on living in residence? One of our favourite tips: bring bed raisers to create extra storage under your bed.
Now is also a good time to figure out how you are going to manage your class notes and your computer files. You are better off to do it now than to try to organize everything right before a mid-term or final exam!
Organize binders for your individual classes and set up a directory on your computer for course work and other material you will need for your classes.