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2017 - 2018 Guide to Registration and Fees

How do I pay?

Queen’s offers students several payment methods to pay for the charges on their student account: Tuition, Student Assistance Levy, Student Activity Fees, UHIP and Residence Fees.

Items returned by a bank, for any reason, will be liable for a $40 returned item charge to the student’s account.

To avoid Late Fees, tuition payments must reach the Office of the University Registrar at Queen’s University before September 1, 2017, with the balance of fees before September 30th, 2017 for Fall Term and January 10th, 2018 (Tuition and SAL) and January 31st, 2018 (Residence) for the Winter Term.

Students paying from within Canada
Online Banking (recommended method of payment), Telephone or ABM Banking
  • Contact your Canadian financial institution to add Queen’s University as a payee through Internet, Telephone or ABM banking service.
  • Use your Queen’s 8-digit Student I.D. as the Queen’s account number for payment
  • Allow two to four business days for payments to be credited to your Queen’s student account.
  • For further information on using Internet, Telephone or ABM banking services, contact your financial institution.
Students paying from outside Canada
Students who are outside Canada may use the following payment methods outlined on our information page at:
Paying when you have Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries
Scholarships, bursaries and awards that are administered by Queen’s for students in undergraduate and professional programs (e.g. Queen’s Law / Queen’s Medicine) will be credited to your student account for the upcoming academic year in ONE installment. Check your SOLUS Student Centre – View Financial Aid to see the date in which your award will be posted to your account. Admission, renewable and upper-year awards will be posted to your student account by August 10th.
For awards administered by the Student Awards Office - award payments will be held in your student account to be applied to all current and future due university charges (e.g. fall term tuition and Student Assistance Levy, Student Activity Fees, Fall term Residence, Winter term tuition, Winter term residence).
For awards administered by the School of Graduate Studies – please review the terms of your award offer(s) for payment details and check your SOLUS Student Centre – View Financial Aid for further information.
Any scholarships, bursaries and awards that are granted by external agencies but administered by Queen’s will be credited to your student account as soon as the external agency provides Queen’s with the funds. Check your SOLUS Student Centre – View Financial Aid to verify if the funds have been received and when they will be posted to your student account. If you are receiving a non-Queen’s scholarship or award (external to Queen’s University) that you will use to pay tuition, fees,and/or residence charges, and you are unsure the funds will be available by the applicable due date, you must submit an Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) request. Information and deadlines for submitting an APA is available on our APA information page
Paying with your OSAP
Some of your funding may be redirected to Queen’s to pay down your tuition and education-related fees (not including residence fees). When you filled out your OSAP application you had the option to decline the redirection of funds. If you did not decline Queen’s will indicate the amount to be redirected, which will reduce the amount deposited into your bank account. For details about your OSAP disbursements, log onto your OSAP account ( >> my apps) and view your Funding Summary page.  Your funding will take a few days after the ‘Estimated Date’ on your OSAP Funding Summary to be received.  If some of your OSAP is being re-directed to Queen’s, check your SOLUS Student Account to verify Queen’s has received the OSAP payment.