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2020 - 2021 Guide to Registration and Fees

August Checklist

The most important thing you must do this month is enroll in your courses, unless your Faculty Office has already done this for you.

Check for your Shopping Cart and Enrolment Appointment time
Unless your Faculty/School is choosing your courses for you (See the 'How Do I Register and Select Courses?' page for more details), it’s time to log on to your SOLUS account and start adding courses to your Shopping Cart. Consult our 'Understanding SOLUS tutorials' page for detailed instructions. You can’t actually enroll in courses until your Enrolment Appointment, but this is a great time to choose courses and get your timetable organized.
Access SOLUS beginning August 4th to view your Enrolment Appointment time.
From your Enrolment Appointment date/time through to August 26th, some courses will have restrictions to ensure students who need them receive priority.
Registration will close at 11:30 pm EST on August 26th.
Open Enrollment will begin at 12:00:01 am EST pm August 31. At this time, enrolment restrictions will be removed from most courses. NOTE: Some online courses may still have enrolment restrictions.
Step 1 of the Registration process - Course Selection
There are two windows for Course Selection:
1) August 10 to 26, during your enrolment appointment time, some courses will have reserve capacities on them. This is to ensure that students who require those courses for their degree programs receive priority;
2) August 31: Open Enrolment begins.
**LAW Open Enrolment takes place from August 10th to September 21st (3L) and from August 12th to September 21st (2L)**
Consult our 'How do I register and select courses?' page for more information and the 'Understanding SOLUS tutorials' page for a how-to guide. If you need help, please contact your Faculty / School office (see 'Support and Services' for contact information).
Step 2 of the Registration process - Payment of Tuition and Student Assistance Levy
All tuition and fees are due on September 30.  Please check your SOLUS Account Summary carefully to ensure that you pay all outstanding fees.
NOTE: OSAP students will have the 1st installment of OSAP directly remitted to Queen's. Please monitor your Queen's student account to verify the OSAP payment has been applied before making any required online payments by your tuition due date.
Checking your Queen's Financial Aid

To align with Queen’s term-based tuition due dates, all Queen’s awards administered by the Student Awards Office for undergraduate and professional programs (e.g. Law / Medicine) and granted at the start of each academic year will be paid in two equal payments and applied to your Queen’s SOLUS Student Account for fall and winter term.  This includes all Admission awards, renewable, and upper year awards.  The first installment of your award payment will be applied to your SOLUS Student Account late August, and your second installment will be applied to your SOLUS Student Account early-December.  

Mid August - Check your SOLUS Student Centre – View Financial Aid, to see the Disbursement Dates in which your award will be posted to your SOLUS Student Account.

For all awards administered by the Student Awards Office – award payments will be held in your SOLUS student account to be applied to all current and future due university charges (e.g. Fall term tuition and student activity fees, Fall term Residence, Winter Term Tuition, and Winter term residence).

For awards administered by the School of Graduate Studies – please review the terms of your award offer(s) for payment details and check your SOLUS Student Centre – View Financial Aid for further information.

Step 3 of the Registration Process - Student Card Validation for Returning Students

The final step of registration is to ensure you have a validated student card (new students) or your current card validated (returning students).

Students at Queen’s are issued a Photo ID Student Card at the beginning of their studies to be used for the duration of their program.  The card is validated at the beginning of each academic year.  As a result of COVID-19 in-person student card pick up and validation will not take place in the fall of 2020.

Please ensure your current mail address in SOLUS is up-to-date – wherever you are living at the beginning of September.  Providing you are enrolled in courses in the fall term either your validated student card (new students) or a validation sticker (returning students) will be mailed in September to your CURRENT MAIL ADDRESS in SOLUS.

For more information on Student ID Cards, as well as replacements please visit our Student ID Card information page at :

Government Student Financial Assistance
Check the OSAP web site for online status of your application funding:
Out of Province – be sure to check your status with your province / territory.
Banking Information
Do we have your banking information? You can update your information in the SOLUS Student Centre in the Finances section. Your Canadian banking information permits Queen’s to, when appropriate, process refunds directly into your bank account.

Please remember that:

  • Queen’s will not deduct payments directly from your bank account. You must make payments using one of the options listed here.
  • Awards administered by the Student Awards Office will be deposited to your student account, not your personal bank account. Award payments will be held in your student account to be applied to all current and future due university charges (e.g. fall term tuition, fees, residence, winter term tuition).
Living in Residence?

The university has determined that up to 2,300 students will be able to live in residence this fall, to ensure compliance with continued physical distancing and public health requirements. This is approximately 50% of our normal capacity, therefore not every first-year student will be able to live in residence. Students will be offered a residence room on a priority basis; priority groups will include:

  • students in programs with on-campus classes,
  • those admitted under specialized pathways, and
  • students with learning needs or personal circumstances that create challenges or barriers to academic success in a remote learning context and/or require access to on-campus support services.

Queen’s University Residences will be offering assigned single rooms only. This includes single-plus room types (a washroom shared and accessible to only two students), as well as single rooms in buildings with communal washrooms, on both our main and west campus. There will be changes in the residence environment, to ensure we are complying with public health requirements, including restrictions on gatherings and guests and virtual delivery of residence educational programming.

For those students who will be living in residence, most room assignments are available in mid August; however, in some circumstances, we may still be assigning rooms up until the time of move-in day. We will do our best to inform you of your assignment prior to move-in.

Good Habits!
While most of you will be studying remotely in the fall term, it may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the campus by using this map: