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Current Course Offerings

This list is subject to revision. Schedules for courses that are co-taught with undergraduate courses will be available in June when the University releases the 2017-2018 Timetable. Courses that are for graduate students only (Required and Elective Courses) will be scheduled after the University Timetable is released, and throughout the summer as instructor and student schedules are arranged.

Fall 2017

RELS 802 Core Course II:  Theory and Method in Religious Studies*

RELS 808 Readings in Religion I:  Politics, Sex and Religion*

RELS 810 Contemporary Christian Thought

RELS 887 Problems in Ancient Mediterranean Religions*

RELS 822 Yoga in India

RELS 826 Religion and Politics in Muslim Societies

RELS 831 Religion and Violence

Winter 2018

RELS 801 Core Course I:  Religion and Modernity*

RELS 806 Directed Special Studies I: Religion, Ritual and the Body

RELS 807 Directed Special Studies II: Spirituality, Secularity and Nonreligion

RELS 809 Readings in Religion II:  Religion in the Contemporary Context*

RELS 828 Apocalyptic Literature

RELS 840 Religion and Democracy

RELS 894 Religion and Politics in China

*restricted to graduate students

More information about our graduate courses can be found in the School of Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.