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Reading Courses Offered 2013-14

Students will be required to attend classes with the undergraduate students but will have separate course requirements including additional readings and different assignments. They will also meet with the instructor on occasion separate from the undergraduate students.

No more than 6 units of these courses or graduate courses that are cross-listed with undergraduate courses in another department (or in combination) may be selected.

RELS 810 Modern and Contemporary Christian Thought
Exemplary work in recent and contemporary Christian theology.
3 units, Winter Term
Day/Time: Thursdays 830-1130, Dunning 27
Instructor: Pamela Holmes

RELS 826 Religion and Politics in Iran
Explores the role of religion in a Muslim society as exemplified in modern Iranian experience: a move from politization of Islam to a post-fundamentalist interpretation.
3 units, Fall Term
Day/Time: Tuesdays 1130-1430, McLaughlin 306
Instructor:  Alireza Haghighi

RELS 828 Interpretation of Apocalyptic Literature
The primary focus of the course will be the theological perspectives and social functions of apocalyptic in traditions. The course will also survey the appropriation of apocalyptic themes throughout history in artistic forms such as art, fiction, and film, with particular attention to our modern times and cultures.
3 units, Winter Term
Day/Time: Wednesdays 1130-1430, McLaughlin 306
Instructor:  Richard Last

RELS 831  Religion and Violence
Links between violence and religious beliefs, practices and institutions; for example, sacrifice, holy wars, scapegoating, and suicide.
3 units, Fall Term
Day/Time: Wednesdays 1600-1730; Fridays 1430-1600, Kingston 101
Instructor:  William Morrow

RELS 854 Theory in Religious Studies
An introduction to major theoretical approaches to the study of religion.
3 units, Fall Term
Day/Time:  Thursdays 1130-1430, Dunning 10
Instructor: Pamela Dickey Young

RELS 897 Judaism in the Modern Age
The development of modern Jewish religious thought and practice, including the Reform, Orthodox, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements; the consequences of the Holocaust; and the establishment of the modern state of Israel.
3 units, Fall Term
Day/Time:  Mondays 1130-1430, Stirling 412A
Instructor:  Herbert Basser



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