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Reading Courses Offered 2014-15

Students will be required to attend classes with the undergraduate students but will have separate course requirements including additional readings and different assignments. They will also meet with the instructor on occasion separate from the undergraduate students.

No more than 6 units of these courses or graduate courses that are cross-listed with undergraduate courses in another department (or in combination) may be selected.

RELS 811 Jesus: The Continuing Historical Quest
This course provides an introduction to the methods and premises used in modern quest to understand the historical facts of Jesus' life.  Particular attention will be given to understanding the historical Jesus in his first-century socio-cultural context.
3 units, Winter Term
Day/Time: Tuesday 1130-1430; Watson 217
Instructor: Richard Last

RELS 812 Christian Feminist Theology
Issues raised by the feminist critique of traditional Christian theology and feminist attempts at theological reconstruction.
3 units, Winter Term
Day/Time: Wednesday 830-1130; Ellis 226
Instructor: Tracy Trothen

RELS 821 Greek and Roman Religions
A study of the development and organization of non-civic religious associations in the Greek and Roman empires using inscriptions, papyri, and literary texts.  Insight into religious practices of the Greco-Roman period comes through exploration of groups organized by deity, cult, occupation, or ethynic identity, and the so-called mystery religions.
3 units, Winter Term
Day/Time: Monday 1430-1730; Ellis 333
Instructor:  Richard Ascough

RELS 822 Yoga in India and the West
Surveys the history and philosophy of yoga in India and the West.
3 units, Winter Term
Day/Time:  Monday 1130-1430; MacDonald 4
Instructor:  Ellen Goldberg

RELS 826 Religion and Politics in Muslim Societies
Explores the role of religion in the politics of Muslim societies with particular attention to the modern period.
3 units, Fall Term
Day/Time: Wednesday 830-1130; Macdonald 2
Instructor:  Mehmet Karabela

RELS 827 Religions of Native Peoples
Features of and theories about religious life in small-scale traditional societies.  Includes Canadian Indians and Inuit.
3 units, Fall Term
Day/Time: Wednesday 1130-1430; Biosciences B143
Instructor:  TBA

RELS 834 Jewish Views of the Other
A study of the tensions that come into play as Jews formulated views of the Other to balance co-existence with them.  Source materials include authoritative writings of Jewish commentary and law and social scientific views of them.
3 units, Fall Term
Day/Time: Friday 1130-1430; Mackintosh Corry D214
Instructor:  Mari Rethelyi

RELS 854 Theory in Religious Studies
An introduction to major theoretical approaches to the study of religion.
3 units, Fall Term & Winter Term
Day/Time:  Fall - Tuesday 830-1130, Dunning 10; Winter - Wednesday 1430-1730, Jeffrey 115
Instructor: Mari Rethelyi

RELS 893 Buddhism in the Modern World
Encounter between Buddhism and the West, major movements and thinkers, and socio-politically engaged Buddhism.
3 units, Winter Term
Day/Time:  Tuesday 830-1130; Watson 217
Instructor:  Ellen Goldberg

RELS 896 Islam in the Modern World
Exploration of Islamic developments since the 19th century: major thinkers, trends of thought, and contemporary movements as responses to modernity.
3 units, Fall Term
Day/Time: Monday 1130-1430; Ellis 226
Instructor:  Mehmet Karabela



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