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Queen's University

Essays Completed by MA students in Religious Studies  


Disciplining Madness, Disciplining Yoga



Christmas Invented and Contested

The Tao People's Anti-Nuclear Movement:  Indigenous Religion, Presbyterian Christianity, and Environmental Protest on Orchid Island, Taiwan

Playing with God:  Towards the Creation of New Models of Religious Education

From Gods to Superheroes:  An Interpretive Reading of Comic Books and Religious Pluralism

Archives and the Event of Islamophobia:  A Case Study of the English Defence League

Words Made Manifest:  Canadian Print Media as Architects of Religion in the "Secular" Public Sphere



Religion and Nature in Akan Culture: A Case Study of the Okyeman Foundation

Meaning Makers and Secularization:  Human Rights as an Expression of Meaning in a Post-Secular Age

"No People, No Land, No God, and No Man?"  Writing Trauma in the Jewish Poetry of Catastrophe

Rite of Passage, Kyriarchic Warrior Mentality, or Issues with Father?  Universal Elements of Male Initiation and their Potential for Men in the West

Cavanaugh's Myth-Appropriation of Ideology:  A Critical Review of The Myth of Religious Violence

Being and Becoming:  Analyzing the Negotiation of Spiritual, Religious, and Sexual Identities in Nonheterosexual British and American Young People through the Lens of Queer Theory


The Greening of Chinese Daoism: Modernity, Bureaucracy and Ecology in Contemporary Chinese Religions

Daoism in Brazil: The Globalization of the Orthodox Unity (Zhengyi) Tradition

Transhumanism as a Religious Product of the West: A Comparative Analysis with Christianity

Deep Ecology and Jainism: A Critical Assessment of Theory and Practice

Evangelical Violence: Fundamentalism in Abortion Politics in the Contemporary United States

Music, Mimesis and Resistance: Destabilizing and Reimaging Traditional Constructions of Femininity in Christianity

The Uyghur and the Scholar: Competing Narratives of Ethno-religious Identity

From Wilderness to Warfare: An Examination of the radical Environmentalist Violence of the Earth Liberation Front

Blackness and Suffering in Conian Theology

Make This Your Home: The Impact of Religion on Acculturation: The Case of Canadian Khoja Nizari Isma'ilis from East Africa

Taking Account of Religious Diversity: A Case Study of Quebec's Ethics and Religious Culture Program

Nasiha and Ideology: Evolution in Religious Authority in Post-Colonial Morocco



Towards a New Understanding of the Views of the National Association of Evangelicals and Focus on the Family Regarding the Legalization of Same sex Marriage: An Analysis Using the Theories of Judith Butler

Magic, Modernity and New Religious Forms

The Epidemic of Enlightenment: Metaphor and Cognition in Buddhism's Encounter with the West

Imagining the Rational, Egalitarian Nation: Ambedkar's Navayāna as a Buddhist Modernism

Receiving Dinah: Reading, depicting, and Writing Rape

The Possibility of Queer Ethics

The Phantasmagoric Buddha: Buddhist Representation in Odilon Redon's Oeuvre



Science and Feminism as Adaptive Reorientation Strategies for Buddhism in North America: A Study in Transplantation Processes

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women and its Efforts at Promoting Civic Participation for Muslim Women: A Survey of Its Objective and Activities

An Orientalist Critique of the Discourse of Environmental Ethics:The Case of EcoBuddhism

Remediating the Sacred: Religion and the Internet

Restructuring the Probable Angles: Creating a Balanced Cognitive Science of Religion

Of Cyborgs and other Monsters: The Posthuman, Critical Posthumanism and the Study of Religions

'Comfort, comfort my people': The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) and Fundamentalist Christian Zionism

The Five Challenges: Shari`ah Responds to Bioethics

Epistemological Sacrifice: Georges Bataille, Genealogy and Prospects for the Poststructural Study of Religion

A Study of Alienation Theory: Young Hegelians, Berger, and Buddhist critique of the self

The Quest for "Godly Heterosexuality": An Analysis of the Discourse of Christian Evangelical Ministries Through the Lens of Queer Theory

Freud's Myth Understanding:The Oedipus Complex as Modern Myth

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