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Reading Courses

These courses will be offered concurrently with a linked undergraduate course. A maximum of 6 units from this list is permitted for the M.A. M.A. students will be required to attend classes with the undergraduate students but will have separate course requirements including additional readings and different assignments. They will also meet with the instructor on occasion separately from the undergraduate students.

RELS-806 Directed Special Studies I
Advanced seminar providing detailed reading of one contemporary theme or thinker in Religious Studies.

RELS-807 Directed Special Studies II
Advanced seminar providing detailed reading of one contemporary theme or thinker in Religious Studies.

RELS-810 Modern and Contemporary Christian Thought
Exemplary work in recent and contemporary Christian theology.

RELS-811 Jesus: The Continuing Historical Quest
This course provides an introduction to the methods and premises used in modern quest to understand the historical facts of Jesus life. Particular attention will be given to understanding the historical Jesus in his first-century socio-cultural context.

RELS-812 Christian Feminist Theology
Issues raised by the feminist critique of traditional Christian theology and feminist attempts at theological reconstruction.

RELS-821 Greek and Roman Religions

A study of the development and organization of non-civic religious associations in the Greek and Roman empires using inscriptions, papyri, and literary texts.  Insight into religious practices of the Greco-Roman period comes through exploration of groups organized by deity, cult, occupation, or ethnic identity, and the so-called mystery religions.

RELS-822 Yoga in India and the West
Surveys the history and philosophy of yoga in India and the West.

RELS-824 Body, Mind and Spirit in Chinese Culture
Chinese cultural views of the body, mind and spirit and the connections between traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy and religion.

RELS-825 Religions of Japan
Shinto, Buddhism, and new religions in contemporary Japan, examined in terms of their central features and historical development.

RELS-826 Religion and Politics in Muslim Societies
Explores the role of religion in the politics of Muslim societies with a particular attention to the modern period.

RELS-827 Religions of Native Peoples
Features of and theories about religious life in small-scale traditional societies. Includes Canadian Indians and Inuit.

RELS-828 Interpretation of Apocalyptic Literature
The primary focus of the course will be the theological perspectives and social functions of apocalyptic in select religious traditions. The course will also survey the appropriation of apocalyptic themes throughout history in artistic forms such as art, fiction, and film, with particular attention to our modern times and cultures.

RELS-831 Religion and Violence
Links between violence and religious beliefs, practices, and institutions; for example, sacrifice, holy wars, scapegoating, and suicide.

RELS-832 The Goddess
Examination of Goddesses in various religious traditions, both ancient and contemporary.

RELS-834 Jewish Views of the Other
A study of the tensions that come into play as Jews formulated views of the Other to balance co-existence with them. Source materials include authoritative writings of Jewish commentary and law and social scientific views of them.

RELS-840 Religion and Democracy
Deals with the role of religion in the public sphere and its relation to liberal democracy. It examines the (in)compatibility of some tenets of certain religions with modern democratic principles.

RELS-852 The Contemporary Religious Situation
Religion in modernity; traditional groups, newer religious movements, contemporary ideologies and social trends of religious significance.

RELS-854 Theory in Religious Studies
An introduction to major theoretical approaches to the study of religion.

RELS-864 Comparative Religious Ethics
Ethics in religious traditions; how and why systems differ. Both general concepts and specific problems are considered.

RELS-893 Buddhism in the Modern World
Encounter between Buddhism and the West, major movements and thinkers, and socio-politically engaged Buddhism.

RELS-894 Religion and Politics in Contemporary China
Examines Chinese and foreign religions in mainland China from 1949 to the present day. Topics include the status of established religions, the political control of new religious movements and the resurgence of traditional Chinese religion and ideologies including Daoism and Confucianism.

RELS-896 Islam in the Modern World
Exploration of Islamic developments since the 19th century: major thinkers, trends of thought, and contemporary movements as responses to modernity.

RELS-897 Judaism in the Modern Age
The development of modern Jewish religious thought and practice, including the Reform, Orthodox, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements. The consequences of the Holocaust and the establishment of the modern state of Israel.

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