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Undergraduate Studies

Who takes courses in Religious Studies?

Approximately 2,000 students are enrolled in religious studies classes at Queen's. They come from every conceivable background, every faculty and every discipline.

Religious Studies is at the forefront of humanities and social science education because it is interdisciplinary by nature. Whether you've studied English or Engineering you have something to contribute to our classes.

Although they each have their own motivations for taking our courses, all our students come away more informed about the world, its cultures and civilizations. They become more critical thinkers, critical of their own cultures and backgrounds, more able to evaluate current affairs and to make responsible decisions in a global context. They learn how to investigate and assess the impact of religion in today's world and to express complex ideas in essays, projects and presentations. Everyone can learn something from taking a religious studies class.

The courses offered by the Department of Religious Studies survey the major religious traditions of Europe, Asia and the Middle East in their cultural context. Everyone at Queen's should take at least one of these courses if they plan on working in today's multicultural Canada. Our courses also examine religious belief in its relation to science and morality and in its literary expression. In religious studies classes you may find yourself studying literature, film, the environment, violence, gender or politics in addition to religious traditions, their practices and beliefs.

We offer Major, Medial and Minor Plans to dedicated students who are passionate about understanding the impact of the world's religious forces on culture and identity. We also take pride in our wide range of highly popular electives that draw on strengths that students develop in other disciplines. Our fall-winter course offerings for 2014-15 can be found here.

To learn more about religious studies Plans, please contact our undergraduate chair, William Morrow.

Why should I complete a degree in Religious Studies?

There are three good reasons for completing a degree in religious studies. We have a great faculty, great students and great courses. Our faculty have won major teaching awards. They are accessible, dedicated to student learning and can offer you individual attention. Our students come from all backgrounds and cultures and have an active student committee. Our courses offer global breadth and interdisciplinary perspective and will help you become a critical, independent thinker. When you graduate you will be able to analyse and evaluate the way religions impact Canada and the world in the 21st century. You will be able to think for yourself and express yourself persuasively and intelligently. You will have had the best liberal arts education that Queen's can give.

What will I do when I graduate?

Graduates with a Queen's B.A. in religious studies have gone on to careers in journalism, law, medicine, social work, public relations, and business. Others have entered our MA Program in Religious Studies or gone on to advanced academic work at other institutions. A medial plan in religious studies can give strong lateral support to honours work in several other areas; in fact, a medial plan in religious studies assures potential employers that your education is a broad and liberal one.

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