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The School does not offer all of the courses listed in the Calendar every year. For the most up-to-date information on the availability of courses offered in the current year, check the Timetable page

Course Areas

Biblical Studies+ THEO-511, THEO-512, THEO-513, THEO-514, THEO-515, THEO-516, THEO-710, THEO-711, THEO-712, THEO-713, THEO-714, THEO-715, THEO-716, THEO-717, THEO-718
Historical Studies
THEO-541, THEO-545, THEO-740, THEO-741, THEO-742, THEO-747, THEO-748, THEO-749
Systematics & Ethics
THEO-572, THEO-763, THEO-764, THEO-765, THEO-771, THEO-772, THEO-773, THEO-774, THEO-775, THEO-777
Ministry Studies (Core)++ THEO-703, THEO-704, THEO-705, THEO-706, THEO-707, THEO-708, THEO-709, THEO-739
Ministry Studies (Electives)
THEO-730, THEO-731, THEO-732, THEO-733, THEO-734, THEO-735, THEO-736, THEO-737, THEO-738
Pluralism THEO-781, THEO-782
Spiritual & Educational Formation THEO-651, THEO-652, THEO 653, THEO 654
Clinical Pastoral Education

*These courses are currently under suspension and are not offered.

THEO-655, THEO-656, THEO-657, THEO-685, THEO-855, THEO-856, THEO-857, THEO-858, THEO-859

Directed Studies
THEO-555, THEO-790, THEO-791, THEO-795
Restorative Justice

*These courses are currently under suspension and are not offered.

THEO-100, THEO-101, THEO-102, THEO-103, THEO-400, THEO-401, THEO-402, THEO-403, THEO-408, THEO-409

+ Note: Biblical Language Studies Policy: Students who present satisfactory documented evidence of learning disabilities affecting language acquisition may be exempted from formal language study. Requests for exemptions should be directed to the Committee on Theological Studies, attention of the Chair of Theological Studies. 

++ Note: To meet Queen's University insurance requirements, prior to registration in THEO-501, 601, 701 or 702, students must submit an official criminal records check to the Chair.

Course Descriptions

To view course descriptions by level, please visit the pages below:

400-level or higher courses are only available to those who have a baccalaureate-level degree.












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