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Queen's University

400 Level Courses

400-level or higher courses are only available to those who have a baccalaureate-level degree.

THEO-400 (4) The Vision of Restorative Justice

Explores the criminal justice system and criminology, including gender, race and class implications. Retributive justice and the theoretical bases for restorative justice will be examined. Attention will also be given to spirituality and ethics in a society where violence is prevalent.

THEO-401 (4) Restorative Justice and the Reshaping of Relationships

Explores restorative justice from the perspective of those especially affected: offenders, victims, families and communities. Reflects on the implications of moving from retributive justice to restorative justice. Dialogue with offenders and victims, and with practitioners of the field of corrections will enrich the experience.

THEO-402 (4) The Action of Restorative Justice

Explores the broader implications of restorative justice in community life. Several existing models will be considered: basic conflict resolution skills, aboriginal approaches to restoring community, and Circles of Support for released offenders. An experiential approach will involve students in skill-building exercises and practical applications of restorative justice principles.

THEO-403 (4) Supervised Practice in a Restorative Justice Context
Supervised learning experience of ministry (8-10 hours/week) in a context where ministry issues related to restorative justice and corrections can be explored.  The context should provide opportunity for the development of a project in ministry which can be tested and reported during the Winter term.  Prerequisite/Co-requisite(s): Permission of the Field Education Director 
THEO-408 (4) Ministry in the Context of Violence
This course examines the history and contemporary expressions of violence, and how faith confronts the despair which results from violence.  The Church's historical complicity in acts of violence, including theories of atonement and participation in the development of prisons is addressed, as well as violence and crime, domestic violence, and the media and violence. 
THEO-409 (4) Biblical Themes in Restorative Justice
An examination of biblical themes in restorative justice by means of a directed reading course.  Available only to concentrators in Restorative Justice.

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