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Queen's University

500 Level Courses

400-level or higher courses are only available to those who have a baccalaureate-level degree.

THEO-511 (4) The Language of the Hebrew Bible

Teaches the basic skills of grammatical analysis used in exegetical studies of the Hebrew Bible. Students may apply for assessment on a credit/fail basis. Equals the first half of HEBR 191 offered by the program of Hebrew in the Faculty of Arts and Science calendar.

THEO-512 (4) Readings in Hebrew

For acquiring a reading knowledge of the prose of the Hebrew Scriptures with the aid of a dictionary. This course continues THEO-591* and students may apply for assessment on a credit/fail basis. Equals the second half of HEBR 191 offered by the program of Hebrew in the Faculty of Arts and Science calendar. Prerequisite/Co-requisite(s): THEO-591*

THEO-513 (4) Jesus: The Continuing Historical Quest

An introduction to the methods and conclusions used in the modern quest to understand the historical facts of Jesus' life.  We will look closely at selected ancient primary texts and modern secondary sources and evaluate their utility in constructing an understanding of the historical Jesus.  Particular attention will be given to understanding the historical Jesus in his first-century socio-cultural context.

THEO-514 (4) The Interpretation of Apocalyptic Literature

An exploration of the apocalyptic literary genre in formative Judaism and early Christianity.  The primary focus will be the theological perspectives and social functions of apocalyptic in Jewish and Christian traditions, with a particular attention to the Book of Revelation.  A survey of the appropriation of apocalyptic themes throughout history in artistic forms such as art, fiction, and film, with particular attention to our own time and cultures will be undertaken.   Special attention will be given to the interpretive methods used to interpret apocalyptic writings.

THEO-515 (4) The Hebrew Scriptures

Attention paid to acquiring knowledge of central ideas expressed by the writings of the Hebrew Scriptures and to developing basic exegetical skills.

THEO-516 (4) The New Testament and Christian Origins

An overview of the content and background of the twenty-seven documents that comprise the New Testament.  These texts are used to explore the historical development of various facets of the early Jesus movement as it is expressed in the literature of the various faith communities.

THEO-541 (4) The History of Christianity

A survey of major developments in the history of Christianity from the apostolic period to the present

THEO-545 (4) The Church in Canada

An exploration through readings, seminar discussions and student presentations, of the nature and impact of Christianity in Canada from the beginning of European settlement to the present.

THEO-555 (4) Research Methods

An investigation into the techniques of critical reading and writing for research in Theological Studies.

THEO-572 (4) Feminist Theology

Examines issues raised by feminist critiques of traditional theology and feminist attempts at theological reconstruction.  Prerequisite/Co-requisite(s): THEO-771* or permission of Instructor

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