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Queen's University

800 Level Courses

400-level or higher courses are only available to those who have a baccalaureate-level degree.

THEO-855 (12) Advanced Clinical Pastoral Education I

A first advanced unit of training focusing upon the skills in ministry required of a specialist in pastoral care. Emphasis continues to be placed on the total development of participants for ministry while they develop an ability to conceptualize and articulate a practical theology of human functioning. Prerequisite: THEO-655, 656 or their equivalents. Special registration required.

THEO-856 (12) Advanced Clinical Pastoral Education II

A second advanced unit continuing the process of THEO-855, with theoretical emphasis focusing on the development of a working theology of pastoral care. Prerequisite: Special registration required.

THEO-857 (12) Advanced Clinical Pastoral Education III

A third advanced unit of training as described for THEO-855 and 856. Prerequisite: Special registration required.

THEO-858 (12) Training for Supervision in Clinical Pastoral Education

Developing the theory and skills of an educator/supervisor in SPE. Participants normally have been admitted to training as a Provisional Teaching Supervisor by CAPPE. Prerequisite: Special registration required.

THEO-859 (12) Exercising Supervision in Clinical Pastoral Education

Opportunity for participants to consolidate personal and professional development by organizing and supervising a basic unit of SPE. Successful completion of this unit may qualify the participant for certification review as an Associate Teaching Supervisor with CAPPE. Prerequisite: Special registration required.

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