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Queen's University

Ministry Studies Core Courses

THEO-703 (8) Supervised Practice of Institutional/Community Ministry

Supervised learning experience of ministry (12-16 hours/week) in an institutional or community-based context where the role of the church, structural and social analysis, and pastoral theology and practice can be explored.  Prerequisite: Permission of the Field Education Director

THEO-704 (8) Supervised Practice of Congregational Ministry

Supervised learning experience of ministry (12-16 hours/week) in a congregational context based on the participant's learning goals where leadership and competence can be developed, and theological issues raised.  Prerequisite: Permission of the Field Education Director

THEO-705 (4) Foundations for Christian Worship

Examines the theory and practice of Christian worship, including the role and place of sacraments and rites of passage in the worship life of the contemporary church.  It will include an examination of topics such as the traditional parts of a worship service and their purpose, prayer, and the role of music in worship.

THEO-706 (4) Foundations for Preaching

How does one prepare and deliver a sermon or homily?  How does one find a passionate voice to address contemporary issues in light of the Gospel message?  This course provides opportunities to preach and receive feedback, as well as offer other practical tips for putting together a good sermon.

THEO-707 (4) Introduction to Spiritual Care and Counselling

This course is an introduction to the spiritual care of individuals, families, and groups within congregations and institutions.  Students are encouraged in a variety of ways to explore the connections between theory and practice, theology and the human sciences, personal and professional identity, and spiritual care and other aspects of ministry.  The course attempts to provide an integrative focus on both the actual practice of spiritual care and theologies and theories of the field.

THEO-708 (2) Leadership in the Church

Includes an introductory exploration of the changing nature of congregational life and what it means to offer ministerial leadership, and a study of the polity and key administrative practices of one's own denomination.

THEO-709 (2) The Polity of The United Church of Canada

This course will be a basic introduction to the formation, polity, administration and governing ethos of The United Church of Canada.  Attentiion will be given to The Manual and specific denominational structures.

THEO-739 (2) Topics in Church Polity

This course provides an opportunity for a study of the polity and governing ethos of a particular Christian denomination.  Enrolment in this course requires the permission of the Academic Director/Chair of Theology.

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