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Learning Agreements & Evaluation Forms

In field education, The Learning Agreement is a statement of the learning goals for the ministry placement and represents how all participants in the learning experience will be committed to work, learn, and grow together. It is a written document that is signed by all the participants (student, supervisor and, in congregational placements, the Ministry Reflection Group).

The Learning Agreement includes a statement of the learning goals, an action plan for accomplishing them, an indication of time commitments and resources, expectations of the supervisory process, and the procedure that will be followed for conflict resolution.

The Learning Agreement is stated with an awareness of where you are when you begin at the placement. Through supervision, it may be discovered that the agreement needs to be revised.

The field education program has two evaluation forms. The first is the Fall Term Assessment Form and the second is the Final Student/Supervisor or Ministry Reflection Group Evaluation Form. In any learning process, evaluation (what have I learned?) should be an ongoing experience. The formal assessment experiences are meant to be opportunities to summarize the learning that has been identified and observed throughout the course.

The Fall Term Assessment is a way to reflect with all the participants on how the experience is going. Are there things that need to be changed or challenged in the second term? How are we doing together? What learning has occurred? What has happened in terms of the learning goals? Are there goals that have been neglected? The Fall Term Assessment does not need to be put in written form. It can be done through discussion but it usually works best when it takes place at an agreed upon time toward the end of the fall term.

The process includes self-assessment, feedback, critical reflection, and future planning.

The Final Student/Supervisor or Ministry Reflection Group Evaluation is carried out at the conclusion of the placement experience. The student, the supervisor, and (if applicable) the Ministry Reflection Group each complete a written assessment on the learning that has happened over the duration of the placement. These evaluations are signed as an indication that they have been read and discussed. The final evaluation is submitted to the faculty instructor at the School.

To obtain copies of these forms, contact Pamela Holmes. The form can be sent to you by electronic file, fax or mail.


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