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Queen's University

Life at Queen's University

Library Facilities

All School of Religion students have access to the Queen’s University Library system.  To borrow books you must have your Queen’s University Student Card.  The main library is Stauffer Library.  It is located on the north-west corner of University and Union.  Douglas Library, on the south-east corner, houses special collections.  For further information on Queen’s libraries, please see their website at

School of Religion Theology students are accorded graduate privileges and thus are able to borrow books for one term (i.e., if you borrow a book in the fall term, you don’t need to return it until January 15).  Of course, out of common courtesy, it is requested that you return books as soon as you are finished with them.  The number of books used by theological students is limited and holding onto books long after you are finished with them makes it harder for other students to finish their assignments.

Many instructors put books and/or articles needed for their class “on reserve” at Stauffer Library. The reserve section is at the main desk on the first floor.  Some may also put course material for photocopying on file at the Publishing and Copying Centre located in the basement of the John Deutsch University Centre.

For the convenience of students and staff, a small selection of reference books, magazines and lectionary resources are housed in the reading room on the 3rd floor of Theological Hall.  Past theology student theses may also be borrowed – contact the Main Office if you are looking for one.


There are several places on campus where you can do photocopying.  To photocopy in Stauffer Library, you need to purchase a copy card from the dispensing machine on the south wall of the first floor of the library.

There is a photocopier available at The Grey House (51 Queen’s Crescent - beside Victoria Hall). If you plan on doing a lot of photocopying or you hate carrying around change, you may set up a pre-paid account.  To do so drop by the office on the first floor of The Grey House during posted office hours.

Photocopying is also available at the Publishing and Copying Centre (P&CC) in the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC).  Rates vary depending on the number of copies and the time of day you do the copying, but it is usually the cheapest place for volume copying.  P&CC has both self-serve copiers and they-serve copying.

Kingston Transit Bus Pass      

Included in full-time student activity fees is the price of a Kingston Transit Bus pass.   This pass is valid on all Kingston Transit buses from September until the end of April.  Your student ID card doubles as your transit card.

Walk Home Service

The AMS and SGPS jointly run a program called “Walk Home.”  The Walk Home service is available to all University students to help get them home safely.  If you are walking home alone after dark please call Walk Home and ask them to escort you.  Two Walk Home staff (usually one male and one female) will meet you in whatever building you are in and escort you to either your car or your home.  Please contact Walk Home (613-533-2662) for any restrictions they may have.

Campus Security

Campus Security is available for reporting thefts, suspicious behaviour, etc. (613-533-6111).  If there is a security issue in Theological Hall, please also notify the Executive Director, Advancement, Finance, Operations.

Blue Lights

The Blue Lights spread out around Queen’s campus are there for your safety.  If you are walking around the campus and feel uncomfortable for any reason, press the red button on the Blue Light post.  Campus Security will instantly know your location and will send Security officers out to you immediately.  If you are being chased, hit the red button on each Blue Light you pass so that Campus Security can track your movements and get help to you as soon as possible.  The Blue Lights can also be used if you or someone you come across needs immediate medical assistance (i.e. an ambulance).

Student Health, Counselling and Disability Service

These three services are all under one roof at 146 Stuart Street in the LaSalle Building.  Their website can be found at

Student Health has medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers on staff.  Most services offered there are covered either by your provincial health plan or the SGPS Health Insurance.  To book an appointment, phone 613-533-2506. Please note: You must be referred to psychiatry by a medical doctor.

Student Counselling provides assistance to students in their academic, career and personal development during their time at university. To book an appointment, phone 613-533-2506. 

Student Disability provides a range of services to students with disabilities, including:  special exam and registration arrangements, notetakers, assistance with adaptive technology, learning support, counselling, referral services, library aids for print material, and liaison with faculty and staff.  They can be reached by phoning 613-533-6467.

The Writing Centre

The Writing Centre is located at 140 Stuart Street.  At the Writing Centre, you can discuss your current writing assignments during free one-to-one tutorials with a professional tutor - for appointments or information, phone 533-6315.  The writer’s hotline gives advice about grammar and usage - 533-6294.   

The Queen’s Learning Commons (QLC)

The Writing Centre is one of the partners of the Queen’s Learning Commons, located in Stauffer Library.  Their website is  QLC offer an inviting, collaborative learning space where students can pursue and share ideas. They provide a comprehensive, integrated set of academic support services and resources, and unite staff from several service units who assist students through individual consultation, workshops, peer mentoring, and collaboration, and accessing and exploring digital resources and technology.

Sports and Recreation Facilities

Queen’s University opened the Queen’s Centre in 2010, which houses the sports and recreation facilities.  At the Centre, you will find a 38mx25m pool, 2 gymnasiums, 8 squash courts, 2 racquetball/volleyball multipurpose courts, fitness and weight rooms, studios for yoga or dance, and other facilities.  The Centre offers a number of fitness programs throughout the year.  See their website at for more details.

Full-time students who pay the Athletic & Recreation fee as part of their Student Activity Fees have membership to the Queen’s Centre.  Students who do not fall into this category may purchase memberships. 

Queen’s University Residences

School of Religion Theology students are not eligible to stay in the undergraduate University Residences.  Most theological students who stay in residence stay in either the Graduate Residence, Harkness Hall, or in Trotter House of Jean Royce Hall.  Students living in the residences are not required to sign up for the residence meal plan.  In other words, you are free to cook (or buy) your own meals.  However, you should know that cooking facilities in the residences are somewhat limited.  They are adequate, but limited.

There are 260 one and two bedroom apartments available in An Clachan, a graduate student apartment complex located near West campus. A further 123 one-bedroom apartments (for childless married couples and single students only) are available in the John Orr Tower on the West campus.  These are University owned and managed rental apartments.  Access to the main campus is by public bus service.  Each university apartment is unfurnished but supplied with kitchen appliances and window coverings. 

See the Residences website at for more information.

Other Accommodations

If you are not planning on staying in residence, Queen’s University offers an online Accommodation Listing Service at  This list includes shared accommodations (rooms), apartments and houses.  The prime time for finding accommodation close to campus is May to mid-July.  Accommodation becomes more difficult to find by mid-July.

Campus Parking

Parking on the main campus of Queen’s University is VERY limited and no one may park on campus lots without a parking permit.  Application forms for parking permits can be obtained from the Parking Office at Room 292, Rideau Building (613-533-2552.)  There is a fee for such permits.

The University also offers a Shuttle Service between Richardson Stadium (West Campus) and Main Campus, for a lower fee than the cost of a Main Campus permit.

Please see the Parking website at for more information.

Visitors to Queen’s can park at hourly or daily rates in the underground parking garage.  Enter from Stuart Street opposite Lower University Avenue.

Vehicles which are parked on campus in violation of the regulations are subject to City of Kingston parking fines.

Child Care

Parents wishing child care in Kingston should contact child care centres several months in advance of the date needed. 

The Queen’s Day Care Centre  provides high quality, professional child care that is responsive to the needs of families within the Queen's community.  It provides care and education for children from birth to six years of age, whose parents attend or work at Queen’s.  See their website at for more information.

A joint initiative of the Dean of Student Affairs and Human Resources of Queen’s University  has produced  (June 1997) a  “Child Care Guide”  for student parents.  This resource guide provides a wide range of information about child care facilities, financial assistance, and other resources in the Kingston area.   It is an excellent resource guide and a valuable tool as you seek appropriate child care for your child(ren).   It is available on the Queen’s website at .  

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