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Queen's University

Fall-Winter 2014-15

The following Theology courses will be offered in the fall and winter terms of 2014/15.

Courses that are cross-listed with undergraduate courses (THEO 511, 516, 513 and 572) will be scheduled by the University Timetabling Office, who will release the 2014/15 timetable in the middle of June.

The schedule for all other Theology courses will be negotiated by the instructors and registered students in each course.  This will be done in September, when registration is complete.

Fall 2014

THEO 511 - The Language of the Hebrew Scriptures (cross-listed with HEBR 191A)
Instructor:  William Morrow
Day/Time:  Monday 830-930; Tuesday 1030-1130; Thursday 930-1030
Location:  Kingston 204

THEO 516 - New Testament (cross-listed with RELS)
Instructor:  Callie Callon
Day/Time:  Tuesday 1130-1430
Location:  Dupuis 215

THEO 651 - Spiritual & Educational Formation I
Instructor:  Pamela Holmes
Day/Time/Location:  Monday 1000-1120

 THEO 651 Course Outline (PDF, 567KB)

THEO 737 - Topics in Ministry Studies I "Children, Religion and the Canadian Church"
Instructor:  Valerie Michaelson
Day/Time/Location:  Wednesday 1300-1600

 THEO 737 Course Outline (PDF, 532KB)

THEO 747 - Topics in Christian History I "An Examination of the Office of the Minister/Priest/Pastor in the History of Christianity"
Instructor:  John Young
Day/Time/Location:  TBD

THEO 771 - Christian Theology
Instructor:  Pamela Holmes
Day/Time/Location:  Online

 THEO 771 Course Outline (PDF, 214KB)

THEO 781 - Introduction to Canadian Pluralism
Instructor:  Pamela Holmes
Day/Time/Location:  TBD

 THEO 781 Course Outline (PDF, 319KB)

Winter 2015

THEO 513 - Jesus: The Continuing Historical Quest (cross-listed with RELS)
Instructor:  Richard Last
Day/Time:  Tuesday 1130-1430
Location:  Watson 217

THEO 572 - Feminist Theology (cross-listed with RELS)
Instructor:  Tracy Trothen
Day/Time:  Wednesday 830-1130
Location:  Ellis 226

 THEO 572 Course Outline (PDF, 449KB)

THEO 652 - Spiritual & Educational Formation II
Instructor:  Pamela Holmes
Day/Time/Location:  TBD

THEO 719 - Lament
Instructor:  William Morrow
Day/Time/Location:  TBD

THEO 777 - Christian Sexuality & Relational Spirituality
Instructor:  Tracy Trothen
Day/Time/Location:  Jan 8, 1300-1600; Jan 9, 900-1600; Jan 10, 900-1600; Jan 23, 900-1600; Jan 24, 900-1600; Jan 29, 1300-1600.  Andrews Room, Theological Hall

 THEO 777 Course Outline (PDF, 278KB)


Course outlines will be posted as they are received from instructors, usually no earlier than 3 weeks before the first week of classes.


Queen's University reserves the right to make changes to this timetable as necessary.

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