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Queen's University

    Privileges & Entitlements Available to  Queen's  Retirees and RAQ Members

    While some of the benefits and discounts listed below may be generally available to seniors and/or Queen’s retirees, others are offered only to RAQ members. The insurance discounts and half-price University Club membership, for example, are exclusively for RAQ members and offer potential savings of hundreds of dollars annually. These exclusive benefits are identified by an asterisk below.

    Retiree Benefits Booklet

    From time to time, Queen's Human Resources publishes the "Retiree Benefits Booklet" summarizing the group medical and life insurance benefits for Queen's retirees. Printed copies of this booklet are available from HR in the Stewart-Pollack Wing of Fleming Hall or can be seen by clicking here.

    Agnes Etherington Art Centre


    All retired faculty and staff are welcome to visit the Agnes Etherington Art Centre (, Canada’s premier university art gallery. It presents around fifteen exhibitions annually, and also offers a host of lectures, tours, film screenings, artists’ talks and other public programs. There is a reduced admission rate for those 55 and over ($3.00 instead of $5.00). Gallery Association members are admitted free and the annual membership fee is reduced for those 60 and over ($25 instead of $40). There is a unique gift shop located on the main entrance level of the Gallery and an Art Rental & Sales Gallery on the main level as well. Neither has an admission fee and browsing is encouraged. All public spaces are wheelchair accessible, and a wheelchair is available for visitor use. 

    Alumni Review


    All retired faculty and staff are entitled to receive the Queen’s Alumni Review free of charge (by mail).  A subscription form is included in the retirement package distributed by the Pension and Benefits Office. The Queen’s Alumni Review is also available online at

    Athletics and Recreation Centre (ARC)

    A preferred membership rate to the Athletics and Recreation Centre (ARC) is available to retired Queen’s faculty and staff who wish to use the athletic facilities at Queen’s. This includes full access to fitness zones, pool, gym, racquet courts, all casual recreation activities and select fitness and wellness programs. Fitness classes as well as locker and laundry services are available for an additional fee. For full details about membership and classes offered at the ARC visit

    Campus Bookstore


    The Campus Bookstore is pleased to extend a 10% discount on all non-textbook items to all retirees of Queen's University. Additionally, retirees are encouraged to register on the Campus Bookstore website ( for notification of upcoming sales and events and announcements of special offerings and book launches.

    * CARP (for RAQ Members only)

    CARP is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to a “New Vision of Aging for Canada”   ( A subscription to CARP is offered to RAQ members at a reduced rate.

    Drama Department


    Retired faculty and staff are invited to attend all Department of Drama productions. There is a senior’s ticket rate for major productions and retirees are entitled to this rate regardless of age. A listing of most departmental productions is available on the Department's web site or from the Departmental Office in the Theological Hall. The listing of major productions will also be included with RAQ mailings if it is available at the time of mailing.


    *Home/Automobile/Property Insurance (for RAQ members only)

    You might like to check out the "Economical Select" program (formerly Waterloo Insurance) of the Economical Insurance Group, the home/automobile/property insurer selected by CURAC/ARUCC to offer discounted group rates on insurance to individual retirees belonging to RAQ and other CURAC/ARUCC Member Associations.  After all, it costs only a bit of time to ask for a quotation.  Individuals who do call the toll-free number (1‐866‐247‐7700) should mention “CURAC” or “Group 6262” so that the agent will know they are affiliated with CURAC through the Retirees Association of Queen’s.

    Information Technology Services (ITS)


    Retirees are entitled to a variety of services provided by ITS. This includes an e-mail account as well as access to storage space to create and maintain personal Web pages. Access to the e-mail account or access to the Internet is available through the Queen's free modem pool at (613) 533-0360. Individuals may also access these services through the Toll account modem pool at (613) 533-0646 once a toll account has been established.  [NOTE: These dial-in services may be discontinued at any time.]


    Individuals having access to these services are required to abide by the Computer User Code of Ethics. To set up an e-mail and toll account that includes Web space, please go to the Campus Computer Store, Room G13 Dupuis Hall, with your Retiree card.


    The ITServices Desktop Assistant (Ida) can be downloaded from Ida will set up your connection at home using your Internet connection. Ida is also a service means at Queen's to distribute and maintain many popular software packages including anti-virus software, e-mail applications as well as application and operating system patches distributed by major suppliers, subject to the licensing restrictions imposed by suppliers, which may forbid distribution of some programs to retirees.


    If you need technical assistance visit the support centre webpages at

    or call the help number at (613) 533-6666.


    Retirees may also purchase computer equipment, software and supplies from the Campus Computer Store  (main floor of Dupuis Hall), subject to vendor licensing restrictions,  and access hardware repair services from the Micro Repair Group (lower level of Stauffer Library) on a fee-for-services basis.


    Retirees who so desire can continue to be listed in the Queen’s electronic e-mail directory. The last e-mail address the person used before retirement (Queen’s or otherwise) will be used. Anyone wishing to change the listed e-mail address or be dropped from the directory should e-mail with the following information: retiree name, staff number, and old and new e-mail addresses (or request to be removed from the directory).   

    *Literary Review of Canada (for RAQ members only)

    Published since 1991, the award-winning Literary Review of Canada (LRC) is the country’s leading forum for discussion and debate about books, culture, politics and ideas.  A subscription to Literary Review of Canada is offered to RAQ members at a reduced rate.

    Mobile Phones

    Retirees may refer to the web page entitled “Mobile Phones & PDAs” for information about acquiring cell phones through the Ontario Government Contract with Bell, Rogers, or Telus (



    Retirees performing certain forms of unpaid service to the University may be provided with complimentary parking permits.  For details about the conditions and application procedures see and follow the link provided there.

    Pension Committee -- Board of Trustees


    RAQ will be consulted by the Principal with regard to membership on the Pension Committee. Note the following excerpt from the “Pension Committee Constitution”:


    c) Two former employees who have retired and are receiving a pension from the Queen's Plan, to be recommended by the Principal and appointed by the Board of Trustees of whom one will be a former member of the academic staff and the other a former member of the support staff (either unionized or non-unionized). In making recommendations to the Board of Trustees, the Principal may consult widely, including asking the appropriate group to submit a short list from which a selection might be made.

    Performing Arts


    Discounts are offered to seniors (+55) and to all Queen's retirees. There also are group discounts. Early mailing of Performing Arts announcements giving details in advance of programs and social receptions for artists is available to all retirees who request this service. Please contact the Performing Arts Office in the JDUC or at 613-533-2558 for more information.

    Principal's Office


    Invitations are mailed annually to all retirees within the Kingston area for the Principal's December Holiday Reception and Staff Awards presentations and for the Spring BBQ. 

    Queen's Journal


    The Queen's Journalis published twice weekly September to November and January to April; once a week in November; usually not in December; and once a month May, June and July. Copies are available from many campus locations. Copies are also available on-line via   Subscriptions (by mail) are available at the rate of $110.00 a year. Contact the Queen's Journal Office at 190 University Avenue or 613-533-6711 for more information.

    Queen's Library System


    Retired staff and faculty are welcome to visit any of the library facilities and make use of the resources and services available (see for more information on individual library collections). Retirees are granted the same borrowing privileges as current staff and faculty.  There are no borrowing fees. These privileges may vary depending on the library and type of material.  Information on the borrowing policies may be obtained at  To set up an account with the Library System, retirees need only present their Queen's Retiree or Gold Staff Card at any Circulation Desk.

    Queen's News

    Retired faculty and staff can stay in touch with news and developments at the University by visiting the Queen's News Centre website  At this site, members can subscribe to a number of electronic services that can keep them informed about developments at Queen's via e-mail. Subscriptions to this service are free.

    Queen's Quarterly


    Queen’s Quarterly is pleased to offer a one-time complimentary subscription (4 issues) to interested retirees who provide a campus mail address. 

    Those who wish home delivery are offered a one-time special rate of $10, after which regular rates will apply.

    For more information please contact: Queen's Quarterly Office, 144 Barrie Street, 613-533-2667.

    Send an e-mail to: queens.quarterly@queensu.caor visit their website at: 

    Registrar’s Office

    Convocation Ushers

    Retirees are welcome to volunteer their time to usher at spring and fall convocations. Please contact the Registrar’s Office, 613-533-6000 x77918 or andre.deparolis@queensu.cafor details.

    School of Music

    The School of Music is pleased to offer to retirees an opportunity to see student ensemble concerts at a reduced admission price - usually $5.00 per person.  Most student ensemble concerts are held in Grant Hall in November and March.  In addition to retired faculty and staff members having a wonderful night out, the students in these ensembles gain valuable experience performing in front of a live audience.


    Performance information is available on their website under "News and Events" at .

    Student Awards: Course Tuition and Bursary Assistance


    It is Queen's objective to support lifelong learning and in this regard Queen's retirees are eligible to take Queen's courses. If an individual requires need-based assistance to help with the payment of tuition he/she may apply for bursary assistance. Students younger than 65 years of age may apply on the Queen's General Bursary application form. Senior citizens (65 years or older) should contact the Student Awards Office prior to the start of the course with respect to the application process for the Senior Citizen Tuition Bursary. For more information contact the Student Awards Office, 225 Gordon Hall 613-533-2216.


    Under the Queen's University - QUFA Collective Agreement 2011-15 spouses and dependent children (under the age of 25) of retired faculty who served continuously for 10 years or more may be eligible for tuition support. This tuition support benefit of up to $3,000 per academic year per eligible dependent can be applied to full-time or part-time undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs offered for credit at any recognized university or college.


    For details, see the 2011-15 Queen’s University – QUFA Collective Agreementand look for the information on the “Tuition Support Plan.”

    *Travel Insurance (for RAQ members only)

    For members of RAQ who like to travel, most insurance companies are not willing to sell top-up insurance.  However Ingle Insurance has offered to give Queen’s Retirees a good price on extra insurance.  There is a direct line for Queen’s retirees – 1-800-485-8350.

    *University Club (for RAQ members only)


    The University Club at Queen's, Inc. provides a year-round centre for socialization and relaxation for its members and their guests. Members are able to meet, socialize and enjoy relaxed dining in the Club's comfortable rooms. The Club provides an atmosphere that promotes intellectual and personal exchange between members. The Club offers formal and informal dining areas, gracious reception areas, two bars with lounges and reading rooms. Membership privileges include the right to reserve selected Club rooms for both academic events and private entertainment.


    The current cost of University Club membership is $244.08.  Through a recent arrangement, RAQ members are now offered a membership at half price, that is, $122.04 annually.  For further information  please call the main office of the University Club at 613-533-2846.

    Via Rail Discount


    Via offers Queen's employees a discount of 10% off the best available fare, above and beyond the already discounted seniors’ rate for anyone over 60. This additional 10% discount can also be applied to supersaver discounts in economy class or the economy discounted fare (both have to be purchased in advance and are subject to availability and to other conditions). The Queen’s rate is available to retirees who show their RAQ card. Retirees may also inquire about business class discounted or supersaver.  Senior discounts do not apply to business tickets; these fares also have conditions and limited availability.


    At time of booking don’t hesitate to mention if you require any assistance during your travel with baggage or if you have a mobility issue so they can request help ahead of time by leaving notes on your file.

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