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RAQ Officers and Committees


At the April, 2016, Annual General Meeting and subsequent Council Meetings, the following were elected as Officers of RAQ:

Chair, Academic Partnership Project
Eleanor Rogers
Vice-President Sue Miklas
Past President
Chair, Nominating Committee
Patrick Oosthuizen
Honorary President John Meisel
Secretary Cherrilyn Yalin
Treasurer Donna Lounsbury
Membership Secretary Barbara Tait


Executive Committee

Consists of the Officers and the following members at large:

Chair, Communications Committee Elaine McDougal
Chair, Membership Committee Greg Lessard
Chair, Pension & Benefits Committee George Brandie 
Co-Ordinator of Events Sandra Olney



Council for 2016 - 2017 has the officers (above) and the following members:

  Doug Boyd
  Cheryl Descent
  Marianne Lamb
  David McLay
  Don Robinson (Webmaster)