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SAMP Resources: Gender and Migration

SAMP Research on Gender and Migration:

Women in the Brain Drain: Gender and Skilled Migration from South Africa, Migration Policy Series No.23, 2002.
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"Discrimination By Default? Gender Concerns in South African Migration Policy" Africa Today 48(3), 2002.

"Putting the Gender Back Into Migration" Crossings 4(1), 2002.

"Poverty and Women's Migrancy: Lesotho Farmworkers in the Eastern Free State", In Borderline Farming: Foreign Migrants in South African Commercial Agriculture, Migration Policy Series No. 16, 2000.
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"Gender, Farmwork and Women's Migration from Lesotho to the New South Africa" Canadian Journal of African Studies 34(1), 2000.

"Porous Borders: Gender and Migration in Southern Africa" South African Geographical Journal 82, 2000.

"Women Migrants Play Positive Role" Crossings 3(1), 1999.

Women on the Move: Gender and Cross-border Migration to South Africa, Migration Policy Series No. 9, 1998.
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SAMP Policy Inputs on Gender and Migration:

Gender Concerns in South African Migration Policy, Migration Policy Briefs No.4, 2000.
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SAMP Workshops on Gender and Migration:

Workshop on Gender and Cross-border Migration in Southern Africa, July 2002

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Jonathan Martens, Maciej Pieczkowksi and Bernadette van Vuuren-Smyth, Seduction, Sale and Slavery: Trafficking in Women and Children for Sexual Exploitation in Southern Africa, International Organization for Migration, 2003.

Ingrid Palmary, Nationalism and Asylum: Implications for Women, Agenda 55, 2003.

Nahla Valji, Lee Anne de la Hunt and Helen Moffett, Where Are the Women? Gender Discrimination in Refugee Policies and Practices, Agenda 55, 2003

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