Reuters, 31 October 2000

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One of three Mozambican immigrants whose videotaped torture by police dogs and white policemen shocked South Africa says he has again been assaulted by four white men, police said on Wednesday. Police spokesman Phuti Setati told Reuters that Sylvester Khosa said he was abducted and beaten on Monday night by men who identified themselves as policemen, but he managed to escape. “According to the information that we have, he is one of the three Mozambicans who were attacked on film by police dogs,” Setati said. Police filmed Khosa and two of his companions while they were being savaged by police dogs in a field near Johannesburg. The footage, which was obtained by the South African Broadcasting Corporation and shown on television last year, showed white policemen jeering and laughing throughout the assault as the three Mozambicans begged for mercy. The victims were beaten when they tried to fend off the dogs. The footage shocked viewers across South Africa and threw the spotlight on racism and police brutality that persist in a country that got rid of white-minority rule in 1994. The trial of the six white policemen linked to the filmed incident resumes in November. They were suspended from their duties, but are out on bail.