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Two Somali men were burned to death inside their shop in Cape, South Africa last night after armed robbers forcibly broke into their shop in Mossel Bay, 300 km east of Cape Town. One of the victims was Abdulahi Mumin Mudey, according to Abdulqadir Seerar, a shop owner in Cape. "This morning, we are busy assembling the remains of the men and Somalis here decided that we should bury them by today," Seerar told Shabelle by phone on Monday. He pointed out that the victims' shop was only open for two weeks. "We do not know who set them on fire and why they were punished to death so maliciously like this," he said. Meanwhile, another Somali man was killed by armed gangs in Philip, a tiny village in Cape Town on Saturday night. His body was taken out of the hospital, looking like it was cut open and stitched afterwards. He was buried in Cape on Sunday. Seerar said police in Cape were investigating who was behind the vicious acts in Cape. Many Somalis have been killed in Cape in the past. Experts said Somalis who are active in creating quick businesses in tiny villages in Cape face threats to their lives as they soon gain customers because of their cheap products and that can cause other small shops in the area to lose customers.