The Sowetan/Sapa, 29 May 2008

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One million rand will be donated to the victims of the xenophobic violence that has gripped the nation, various organisations bearing Nelson Mandela’s name, said on Thursday. “The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the Mandela Rhodes foundation, the 46664 campaign and the Nelson Mandela Foundation will donate this money to the ’Operation Reach Out’ project for the victims of xenophobic violence,” the organisations said in a joint statement. “We are concerned by the plight of the of the people, South Africans and foreign nationals who have been affected by the recent violence ... there are woman and children who are without adequate food or medical care,” said Achmat Dangor, Chief Executive officer of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.” “Our founder, Nelson Mandela feels that people who have already suffered violence, should not continue to suffer these deprivations.” He said that the money will be donated to “Operation Reach Out”, which is a campaign run by the Star newspaper, for emergency relief to those communities affected by the violence. “Moegsien Williams, editor of the Star said: “This is fantastic, we are the children of Madiba and it is essential for us to build on his legacy of non-racism and human rights ... we are running the risk of negating what he has brought about, if we allow this to continue.”