Public Education

SAMP seeks to reduce intolerance and xenophobia and to promote informed debate about the advantages and disadvantages for citizens of migration. SAMP has conducted extensive research on the nature and determinants of xenophobia (do link to Xenophobia under topics) in Southern Africa .

SAMP works closely with human rights organizations such as the South African Human Rights Commission and the National Refugee Forum in anti-xenophobia campaigns.

SAMP produces a regular broadsheet, Crossings , which seeks to provide information and informed debate and opinion on migration issues in Southern Africa .

SAMP has produced a ten-part radio series on Cross-Border Migration in partnership with ABC Ulwazi which has been broadcast on community radio stations throughout South Africa .

SAMP is undertook a major project with a prominent South African photographer, Peter Mackenzie, to document the migrant experience through photographic images. Some of the images are exhibited on this website.