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Debate on the Treatment of Foreign Citizens in South Africa, Mail & Guardian, October-November 1999 - Mfandomdala, People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones; John Matshikiza, Our dangerous energy freaks Africa; Tham Moyo and Christine Chiweshe-Adewal, Why we hate South Africa; Carlos Cordoso, Iden Wetherell, Anthony Kunda and Tangeni Amupadhi, The Yankees of Africa.; David Masunda, An express train to the border.

Jonathan Klaaren, A Guide to South African Refugee Law, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, May 1999.

Heribert Adam, Govt sees emigrants as unpatriotic racists, Net Assets, 9 April 1999.

Jonathan Klaaren, Post-Apartheid Citizenship in South Africa, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, March 1999.

Updated 19 May 2004.