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Alex Duval Smith, Farmer exodus pales before black brain drain, Independent Newspapers, 16 December 2000.

Anthony Johnson, No-brainer, Dispatch Online, 18 November 2000.

Richard Kamidza, Comesa launch heralds new era for Africa, The Zimbabwe Mirror, 17 November 2000.

Get ready, Australia, for another batch, Weekly Mail & Guardian, 27 October 2000.

SA's economy geared for growth, Weekly Mail & Guardian, 20 October 2000.

Terry Bell, Miners who are doing the dirty work deserve better, Business Report, 6 October 2000.

Osita Nwajah, Overcoming qualified citizenship, Daily Mail & Guardian, 5 October 2000.

Khadija Magardie, 'We don't treat foreigners', Mail & Guardian, 25 September 2000.

Carmel Rickard, Judge "sick and tired" of government officials who ignore court orders and waste tax-payers' money, Sunday Times, 13 September 2000.

Raymond Parsons, 'Regional groupings shaping economic futures', News24, 8 September 2000.

Greg Barrow, South Africa's New Racism, BBC News, 28 August 2000.

Adewale Adeoye, Welcome to SA, now please go home, Sunday Times, 20 August 2000.

Marianne Merten, Long waits at the refugee 'house of torture', Daily Mail & Guardian, 20 July 2000.

Vuyo Mvoko, Govt acting on flawed HSRC research, expert, Business Day, 8 July 2000.

Paul Kirk, Suffering sleazy hotel syndrome, Daily Mail & Guardian, 4 July 2000.

Gideon Nkala, 2000 nurses moving out for better conditions, Mmegi/The Reporter, 30 June 2000.

Terry Bell, Unions run risk of xenophobia in their clarion call for patriotism, Business Report, 30 June 2000.

Khadija Magardie, New refugee law slammed, Mail & Guardian, 23 June 2000.

Justine Mwinga, Africa Refugee Day: Do they have anything to celebrate?, Zambia Daily Mail, 16 June 2000.

Mirror Reporter, Mugabe threatens to fire judges, Zimbabwe Mirror, 16 June 2000.

Terry Bell, Unemployment brings with it the stench of xenophobia, Business Report, 9 June 2000.

Nalini Naidoo, South Africa is losing hundreds of nurses each year, Natal Witness, 24 May 2000.

Khadija Magardie, New hope for asylum-seekers in South Africa, Daily Mail & Guardian, 24 May 2000.

Khadija Magardie, Refugees battle home affairs, Daily Mail & Guardian, 24 May 2000.

Justin Palmer, Immigration aggravates SA's shortage of labour, Business Day, 16 May 2000.

Ann Bernstein, SA must open its doors to skilled immigrants, Business Day, 16 May 2000.

Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Letter: Immigration policy article misleading, Business Report, 31 May 2000.

Barney Mthombothi, Foreign invasions, Financial Mail, 12 May 2000.

Claire Keeton, Asylum seekers walk the tightrope, The Sowetan, 11 May 2000.

Sharon Chetty, Facing refugee issues, The Sowetan, 10 May 2000.

Aggrey Klaaste, Let's go mad and open our borders to Africa, Sunday World, 30 April 2000.

Glenda Daniels, Create more jobs, dammit!, Daily Mail & Guardian, 20 April 2000.

Gill Gifford, The pain of Lindela, The Star, 10 April 2000.

Maureen Isaacson, Repatriation centre stretched to the limit, The Sunday Independent, 9 April 2000.

Dapo Oyewole, History being repeated in crude campaign against 'illegals', The Sunday Independent, 9 April 2000.

Khadija Magardie, Riding the repatriation train, Mail & Guardian, 7 April 2000.

Jubie Matlou, SABC man's citizenship probed, Mail & Guardian, 31 March 2000.

Lungile Madywabe, My four hours as an 'illegal immigrant', Daily Mail & Guardian, 7 March 2000.

Khadija Magardie, A world of women and children, Daily Mail & Guardian, 6 March 2000.

Khadija Magardie, A betrayal of the sanctity of marriage, Daily Mail & Guardian, 6 March 2000.

Evariste Katanga, Living by the law of the street, Weekly Mail & Guardian, 25 February 2000.

Daniel Pretorius, Foreign employees also have rights, Financial Mail 28 January 2000.

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