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Gill Moodie, Returning emigrants to South Africa, Sunday Times, 08 December 2002.

Vusi Mona, Down with the makwerekwereism, City Press, 20 October 2002.

Innocent Madonko, Commentary on poor treatment of Zimbabweans in Botswana, The Chronicle, 02 October 2002.

Burton Joseph, Xenophobia on the rise globally, The Star, 1 October 2002.

ANC, IFP abuses public office yet again, 30 August 2002.

Abbey Makoe, Special Report: Inside Lindela, The Star, 19 July 2002.

Focus on Lindela detention centre, Irin, 16 May 2002.

Richard Callan, Taking the Bill by the horns, Mail & Guardian, 24-30 May 2002.

Steven Friedman, Getting to grips with the season of emigration, Business Day, 14 January 2002.

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