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Draft Immigration Bill (February 2000), Draft Immigration Bill (August 2000)

Billy Masetlha, Director-General of Home Affairs, Managing Cross-Border Migration: Reconciling Contrasting Views, 2000.

Hussein Solomon, Contemplating the Impact of Illegal Immigration on the Republic of South Africa, 2000.

Hussein Solomon, Strategic Responses to Illegal Population Flows within the Southern African Context, 2000.

South African Human Rights Commission, Lindela at the Crossroads for Detention and Deportation: An Assessment of the Conditions of Detention, December 2000.

Does Refugee Protection in Africa Need Mediation?, Track Two, November 2000

Seeing Refugee Women as Refugees, Track Two, November 2000

To Be a Refugee in South Africa, Track Two, November 2000

L.A. de la Hunt and H. Moffett, Gender Awareness Training Directives for South African Immigration Officials, Track Two, November 2000

F. Jenkins and L.A. de la Hunt, Detaining Asylum-Seekers: Perspectives on Reception Centres for Asylum-Seekers in South Africa, September 2000.

Letter to the Ministers of Home Affairs and Safety and Security on Human Rights Abuse in South Africa, 11 May 2000.

Mining for Sustainable Development and Job Creation, 25-6 February 2000.

SAITIS: A Survey of the IT Industry and Related Jobs and Skills in South Africa, January 2000.