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Draft Immigration Bill:
As introduced in the National Assembly as a section 75 Bill
Published as Government Gazette No. 22439, 29 June 2001

Immigration Bill
As presented by Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs (National Assembly)
As reintroduced in the National Assembly in terms of Joint Rule 162 as a section 75 Bill

B Abrahams and H Hajiyiannis, A Baseline Study to Determine Levels of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in Relation to Reproductive Health among Male and Female Refugees Aged between 10 and 24 Years, Living in Gauteng Province, South Africa, October 2001.

Unequal Protection: The State Response to Violent Crime on South African Farms, August 2001.

Ettienne Hennop, Clare Jefferson and Andrew McLean, The Challenge to Control: South Africa's Borders and Borderline, July 2001.

Community Agency for Social Enquiry/United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Realising Rights: The Development of Health and Welfare Policies for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in South Africa, May 2001.

N. Hunter and C. Skinner. Foreign Street Traders Working in Inner City Durban: Survey Results and Policy Dilemmas, March 2001.

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