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BL Meel, 'Doing Time' at the Mines by Mineworkers of the Former Transkei, South Africa, 2003.

Ingrid Palmary, Nationalism and Asylum: Implications for Women, Agenda 55, 2003.

Jonathan Martens, Maciej Pieczkowksi and Bernadette van Vuuren-Smyth, Seduction, Sale and Slavery: Trafficking in Women and Children for Sexual Exploitation in Southern Africa, International Organization for Migration, 2003.

Nahla Valji, Lee Anne de la Hunt and Helen Moffett, Where Are the Women? Gender Discrimination in Refugee Policies and Practices, Agenda 55, 2003

Mobility and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa: A Field Study in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, September 2003.

Prudence Makhura, Dying and Death from AIDS: A Mineworker's Perspective, July 2003.

Mobile Populations and HIV/AIDS in the Southern African Region: Recommendations for Action, May 2003.

African Families, African Money: Bridging the Money Transfer Divide, April 2003.

Updated 3 June 2004