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Morne Oosthuizen and Pranushka Naidoo, Internal Migration to the Gauteng Province, Development Policy Research Unit, Working Paper 04/88, December 2004.

Loren B Landau, Democracy and discrimination: black African migrants in South Africa, Global Migration Perspectives No. 5, October 2004.

Audie Klotz, State Identity in South African Foreign Policy, Prepared for South African Foreign and Security Policies in the Post-Apartheid Era, ed. Walter Carlsnaes, Deon Geldenhuys and Philip Nel (Ashgate, forthcoming). Second draft (July 2004), presented at the APSA 2004 annual meeting.

Brij Maharaj, Immigration to Post-Apartheid South Africa, Global Migration Perspectives, No. 1, June 2004.

Andrea Lari, Returning Home to a Normal Life? The Plight of Displaced Angolans, Institute for Security Studies, Occasional Paper No. 85, February 2004.

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