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Human Rights Watch, Zimbabwe: Evicted and Forsaken: Internally Displaced Persons in the Aftermath of Operation Murambatsvina, Vol. 17 No. 16(A), December 2005.

Human Rights Watch, Living on the Margins: Inadequate protection for refugees and asylum seekers in Johannesburg, Vol. 17, No. 15(A), November 2005.

Jonny Steinberg, The Lesotho/Free State Border, Institute for Security Studies, Occasional Paper No. 113, October 2005.

Zimbabwe Torture Victims Project, Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A Window on the Situation of Zimbabweans Living in Gauteng, September 2005.

Lucy Gilson and Ermin Erasmus, Supporting the retention of health resources for health: SADC policy context, Center for Health Policy, School of Public Health, University of Witwatersrand, Equinet Discussion Paper No. 26, September 2005.

Kirty Ranchod, Citizenship and Identity, Brain Drain and Forced Migration: The Zimbabwe Case, Center for Policy Studies, Policy: Issues & Actors, Vol 18, No. 5, July 2005.

Jenni Irish, Illicit Trafficking of Vehicles across Beit Bridge Border Post, Institute for Security Studies, No. 109, June 2005.

Dr. J. Dzimba and Matsolo Matooane, Stock Theft and Human Security: A Case Study of Lesotho, Institute for Security Studies, Monograph No. 113, June 2005.

Dr. Savina Ammassari, Migration and Development: New Strategic Outlooks and Practical Ways Forward: the Cases of Angola and Zambia, IOM Migration Research Series, No. 21, June 2005.

Jonny Steinberg, A Mixed Reception: Mozambican and Congolese Refugees in South Africa, ISS Monograph Series No. 117, June 2005.

Jonny Steinberg, Drug Smuggling and Border Control at Johannesburg International Airport and Durban Harbour, Institute for Security Studies, Occasional Paper No. 104, April 2005.

Jonny Steinberg, An Overview of South African Border Control: 1994-2004, Institute for Security Studies, Occasional Paper No. 103, April 2005.

Marc-Antoine Perouse de Montclos, Diasporas, Remittances and Africa South of the Sahara: A Strategic Assessment, ISS Monograph Series No. 112, March 2005.

Alice Bloch, The Development Potential of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora: A Survey of Zimbabweans Living in the UK and South Africa, IOM Migration Research Series, No. 17, January 2005.

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