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Zimbabwe Torture Victims/Survivors Project, Women on the run: Women survivors of torture amongst refugees in South Africa, November 2006.

Michael A Clemens and Gunilla Pettersson, A New Database of Health Professional Emigration from Africa, August 2006. Data also available in Excel Document

Human Rights Watch, Unprotected Migrants: Zimbabweans in South Africa's Limpopo Province, July 2006.

Bjorn Jensen, Labor Mobility and the Global Economy: Should the World Trade Organization Set Migration Policy, American Friends Service Committee, 10 July 2006.

Commonwealth Secretariat, Report on a Workshop on Foreign Remittances and Development in the SADC Region, Maseru, Lesotho, 29-30 June 2006

Sarah Bracking and Lloyd Sachikonye, Remittances, Poverty Reduction and the Informalisation of Household Wellbeing in Zimbabwe, Global Poverty Group, June 2006.

Somik Lall, Harris Selod and Zmarak Shalizi, Rural-Urban Migration in Developing Countries: A Survey of Theoretical Predictions and Empirical Findings, Development Research Group, World Bank, May 2006.

Baruti Bahati Amisi, An Exploration of the Livelihood Strategies of Durban Congolese Refugees, New Issues in Refugee Research, Working Paper No. 123, UNHCR, February 2006.

Jack Fine and William Bird, Shades of prejudice: An investigation into the South African media's coverage of racial violence and xenophobia, The Media Monitoring Project on behalf of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, 2006.

Martha Johanna Oosthuizen, An Analysis of the Factors Contributing to the Emigration of South African Nurses, Doctoral Dissertation, University of South Africa (Health Studies), 2006.

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