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President Nelson Mandela, Presentation to the Africa Peace Award to the Nation of Mozambique, 1 November 1997

P J Colyn, Director General, Home Affairs, SAMP Conference on the Green Paper on International Migration, 17 September 1997

Desmond Lockey, ANC Member of Parliament, SAMP Conference on the Green Paper on International Migration, 18 September 1997

MG Buthelezi, Parliamentary Media Briefing by the Minister of Home Affairs, MG Buthelezi, 10 September 1997

President Nelson Mandela, Speaking as Chairperson of SADC at the Official Opening of the Summit of SADC Heads of State or Government, 8 September 1997

Trevor Manuel, Minister of Finance, The South African Chamber of Business Annual Banquet, 1 July 1997

MG Buthelezi, Keynote Address by MG Buthelezi, MP, Minister of Home Affairs, at the Southern African Migration Project's Conference: After Amnesty: The Future of Foreign Migrants in South Africa, 20 June 1997

President Nelson Mandela, Public Rally in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, 20 May 1997

Minister of Home Affairs, Introductory Speech: Budget Debate National Assembly, 17 April 1997

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