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SAMP Migration Policy Briefs

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Zimbabwe's Exodus to Australia, 2015

policy brief 23


Zimbabwe's Return Migrants Before & After Challenges, 2014

policy brief 23


Migration and Development in Contemporary Mauritius, 2012

policy brief 23


Social Media, The Internet and Diasporas for Development, 2011

policy brief 23


Complex Movements, Confused Responses: Labour Migration in South Africa, 2011

policy brief 23


South Africa's Two Diasporas: Engagement and Disengagement, 2011

policy brief 23


Labour Migration trends and policies in Southern Africa, 2011

policy brief 23


South African Government and Civil Society Responses to Zimbabwean Migration, 2008


The UN Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers: The Ratification Non-Debate, 2006


Migration of Skills in South Africa: Patterns, Trends and Challenges, 2006


Irregular Migration to South Africa During the First 10 Years of Democracy, 2006


The Draft Protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of Persons in SADC: Implications for State Parties, 2005


International Migration and Good Governance in the Southern African Region, 2005


South African Immigration Law: A Gender Analysis, 2004


Migration, Urbanisation and Sustainable Livelihoods in South Africa, 2004


Policing Migration: Immigration Enforcement and Human Rights in South Africa, 2003


The Rise of African Tourism to South Africa, 2003


NEPAD, the City and the Migrant: Implications for Urban Governance, 2003


Regionalizing International Migration: Lessons for SADC, 2003


Criminal Tendencies: Immigrants and Illegality in South Africa, 2002


Transnationalism and African Immigration to South Africa, 2002


Thinking About the Brain Drain in Southern Africa, 2002


Evaluating Refugee Protection in South Africa, 2002


The Point of No Return: Evaluating the Amnesty for Mozambican Refugees in South Africa, 2001


Counting Brains: Measuring Emigration From South Africa, 2001


Gender Concerns in South African Migration Policy, 2001


Making Up the Numbers: Measuring "Illegal Immigration" to South Africa, 2001


The New South African Immigration Bill: A Legal Analysis, 2001


The South African White Paper on International Migration: An Analysis and Critique, 2000

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SAMP Migration Policy Series

Intended for policy makers and researchers. Summaries are available below in HTML format. Researchers wishing to have their work considered for publication in this series are invited to contact the Series Editor, Prof. Jonathan Crush at you encounter any difficulties downloading these policy papers, please contact

To download the full text of policy papers, click here.






Informal Migrant Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Growth in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

samp 58


Migrant Entrepreneurship, Collective Violence and Xenophobia in South Africa

samp 58


Xenophobic Violence in South Africa: Denialism, Minimalism, Realism

samp 58


Brain Drain and Regain: The Migration Behaviour of South African Medical Professionals

samp 58


Soft Targets: Xenophobia, Public Violence and Changing Attitudes to Migrants in South Africa after May 2008


samp 58


Dystopia and Disengagement: Diaspora Attitudes Towards South Africa


samp 58


Heading North: The Zimbabwean Diaspora in Canada


samp 58


Unfriendly Neighbours: Contemporary Migration from Zimbabwe to Botswana


samp 58


Linking Migration, Food Security and Development, 2012


samp 58


The Third Wave: Mixed Migration from Zimbabwe to South Africa, 2012


samp 58


The Disengagement of the South African Medical Diaspora, 2012


samp 58


Patients without Borders: Medical Tourism and Medical Migration in Southern Africa, 2012

samp 57


Right to the Classroom: Educational Barriers for Zimbabweans in South Africa, 2011

samp 56


The Engagement of the Zimbabwean Medical Diaspora, 2011

samp 55


Medical Xenophobia: Zimbabwean Access to Health Services in South Africa, 2011

samp 54


Migration-Induced HIV and AIDS in rural Mozambique and Swaziland, 2010

samp 53


Migration, Remittances and 'Development' in Lesotho, 2010

samp 52


Migrant Remittances and Household Survival In Zimbabwe, 2009

samp 51


The Perfect Storm: The Realities of Xenophobia in Contemporary South Africa, 2008



Gender, Migration and Remittances in Southern Africa, 2008



The Quality of Immigration and Citizenship Services in Namibia, 2008



The Haemorrhage of Health Professionals from South Africa: Medical Opinions, 2007



Voices from the Margins: Migrant Women's Experiences in Southern Africa, 2007



Medical Recruits: the Temptation of South African Health Care Professionals, 2007



Migration, Remittances and Development in Southern Africa, 2006



Migration and Development in Mozambique: Poverty, Inequality and Survival, 2006



States of Vulnerability: The Future Brain Drain to South Africa, 2005



The Quality of Migration Services Delivery in South Africa, 2005



Migration and Domestic Workers: Worlds of Work, Health and Mobility in Johannesburg, 2005



Early Departures: The Emigration Potential of Zimbabwean Students, 2005



Northern Gateway: Cross Border Migration Between Namibia and Angola, 2005


Understanding Press Coverage of Cross-Border Migration in Southern Africa since 2000, 2005



Restless Minds: South African Students and the Brain Drain, 2005



Degrees of Uncertainty: Students and the Brain Drain in Southern Africa, 2005



Medical Leave: The Exodus of Health Professionals from Zimbabwe, 2005.



HIV/AIDS and Children's Migration in Southern Africa, 2004.



Swaziland Moves: Perceptions and Patterns of Modern Migration, 2004.



Migration, Sexuality, and the Spread of HIV/AIDS in Rural South Africa, 2004.



Regionalizing Xenophobia? Citizen Attitudes to Immigration and Refugee Policy in Southern Africa, 2004.



The New Brain Drain from Zimbabwe, 2003.



Changing Attitudes to Immigration and Refugee Policy in Botswana, 2003.



Mobile Namibia: Migration Trends and Attitudes, 2003.



The Border Within: The Future of the Lesotho-South African International Boundary, 2002.



Zimbabweans Who Move: Perspectives on International Migration in Zimbabwe, 2002.



Spaces of Vulnerability: Migration and HIV/AIDS in South Africa, 2002.



Gender and the Brain Drain from South Africa, 2002.



Immigration, Xenophobia and Human Rights in South Africa, 2001.



Cross-Border Raiding and Community Conflict in the Lesotho-South Africa Border Zone, 2001.



The Brain Gain: Skilled Migrants and Immigration Policy in Post-Apartheid South Africa, 2000.



Botswana: Migration Perspectives and Prospects, July 2000.



Losing Our Minds: Skills Migration and the 'Brain Drain' from South Africa, July 2000.



Writing Xenophobia: Immigration and the Press in Post-Apartheid South Africa, March 2000.



Borderline Farming: Foreign Migrants in South African Commercial Agriculture, March 2000.



Undermining Labour: Migrancy and Sub-Contracting in the South African Gold Mining Industry, August 1999.



Still Waiting for the Barbarians: SA Attitudes to Immigrants & Immigration, April 1999.



The Lives and Times of African Migrants & Immigrants in Post-Apartheid South Africa, April 1999.



Immigration and Education: International Students at South African Tertiary Institutions, March 1999.



Building Skills: Cross-Border Migration and the South African Construction Industry, March 1999.



Namibians on South Africa: Attitudes Towards Migration and Immigration Policy, November 1998.



Women on the Move: Gender and Cross-Border Migration to South Africa, November 1998.



Sons of Mozambique: Mozambican Miners and Post-Apartheid South Africa, July 1998.



Challenging Xenophobia: Myths and Realities of Cross-Border Migration in Southern Africa, April 1998.



Trading Places: Cross-Border Traders and the South African Informal Sector, March 1998.



Left Out in the Cold? Housing and Immigration in the New South Africa, November 1998.



Silenced by Nation-Building: African Immigrants and Language Policy in the New South Africa, September 1998



International Migration, Immigrant Entrepreneurs and South Africa's Small Enterprise Economy, July 1997.



Riding the Tiger: Lesotho Miners and Attitudes Towards Permanent Residence in South Africa, May 1997 (reprinted June 1998).



Covert Operations: Clandestine Migration, Temporary Work and Immigration Policy in South Africa, March 1997.


Please watch this location for further Policy Papers as they become available.

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SAMP Reports





Migration, Remittances and Gender-Responsive Local Development: The Case of Lesotho, UN-INSTRAW and UNDP, Santo Domingo and New York, 2010.



Xenophobia, Migration and Human Development, UNDP Human Development Research Paper 2009/47, New York, 2009.



Perspectives on Migration Series

To order any of these publications, please contact

Zimbabwe's Exodus:  Crisis, Migration, Survival

Zimbabwe's Exodus: Crisis, Migration and Survival
(Cape Town and Ottawa: SAMP/IDRC, 2010)

Surviving on the Move: Migration, Poverty and Development in Southern Africa

Surviving on the Move: Migration, Poverty and Development in Southern Africa
(Cape Town: SAMP, 2010)

Perspectives on the Migration-Development Nexus in Southern Africa Special Issue of Development Southern Africa, 27(2), 2007

Evaluating South African Immigration Policy After Apartheid. Special issue of Africa Today, 48(3) 2001.

Migration and Health in Southern Africa (Cape Town: Van Schaik, 2003).

On Borders: Perspectives on International Migration in Southern Africa (Cape Town and New York: SAMP/St Martin's Press,2000).

Destinations Unknown: Perspectives on the Brain Drain (Pretoria: Africa Institute and SAMP, 2002).

The New South Africans? The Immigration Amnesties and Their Aftermath (Cape Town: Idasa/Queen's, 1999).

Transnationalism, and New African Immigration to South Africa (Toronto: CAAS and SAMP, 2002).

Beyond Control: Immigration and Human Rights in a Democratic South Africa (Cape Town: Queen's/Idasa, 1998).

Transforming South African Migration and Immigration Policy (Cape Town: SAMP, 1998).


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Published Articles by SAMP Researchers and Associates

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Crossings is the newsletter of the Southern African Migration Project. Crossings is produced quarterly and is now available online.

MIDSA Publications

download MIDSA Report No. 3: A Migration Audit of Poverty Reduction Strategies in Southern Africa
Benjamin Roberts, 2007

download MIDSA Report No. 2: The Prospects for Migration Data Harmonization in the SADC
Vincent Williams and Tiffany Tsang, 2007

download MIDSA Report No. 1: Toward the Harmonization of Immigration and Refugee Law in SADC
Jonathan Klaaren and Bonaventure Rutinwa, 2004

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Migration and Development (MAD) Series

Migration and Development Series 1: Migration and Development in Africa: An Overview
R. Black, J. Crush, S. Peberdy, with S. Ammassari, L. McLean Hilken, S. Mouillesseux, C. Pooley, R. Rajkotia, 2006

Migration and Development Series 2: The Brain Drain of Health Professionals from Sub-Saharan Africa to Canada
R. Labonte, C. Packer, N. Klassen, A. Kazanjian, L. Apland, J. Adalikwu, J. Crush, T. McIntosh, T. Schrecker, J. Walker, D. Zackus, 2007

Migration and Development Series 3: Linking Migration, HIV/AIDS and Urban Food Security in Southern and Eastern Africa
J. Crush, M. Grant, B. Frayne, 2007.

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