Zimbabwe's Exodus: Crisis, Migration, Survival
(Cape Town and Ottawa: SAMP/IDRC, 2010)

Table of Contents

  1. Jonathan Crush and Daniel Tevera
    Exiting Zimbabwe
  2. Alois S. Mlambo
    A History of Zimbabwean Migration to 1990
  3. Deborah Potts
    Internal Migration to Zimbabwe: The Impact of Livelihood Destruction in Rural and Urban Areas
  4. Jonathan Crush and Daniel Tevera
    Discontent and Departure: Attitudes of Skilled Zimbabweans Towards Emigration
  5. Abel Chikanda
    Nursing the Health System: The Migration of Health Professionals from Zimbabwe
  6. Alice Bloch
    Transnational Lives: The Experience of Zimbabweans in Britain
  7. JoAnn McGregor
    Between Obligation, Profit, and Shame: Zimbabwean Migrants and the UK Care Industry
  8. Dominic Pasura
    Regendering the Zimbabwean Diaspora in Britain
  9. Daniel Makina
    Zimbabwe in Johannesburg
  10. Blair Rutherford
    Zimbabweas on the Farms in Northern South Africa
  11. Kate Lefko-Everett
    The voices of Migrant Zimbabwe Women in South Africa
  12. Nedson Pophiwa
    Smuggling on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Border
  13. Daniel Tevera, Jonathan Crush and Abel Chikanda
    Migrant Remittances and Household Survival in Zimbabwe
  14. Sarah Bracking and Lloyd Sachikonye
    Remittances, Informalisation and Dispossession in Urban Zimbabwe
  15. France Maphosa
    Transnationalism and Undocumented Migration Between Rural Zimbabwe and South Africa
  16. Jonathan Crush and Daniel Tevera
    Metaphors of Migration: Zimbabwean Migrants in the South African Media
  17. Tara Polzer
    Silence and Fragmentation: South African Responses to Zimbabwean Migration

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