Surviving on the Move: Migration, Poverty and Development in Southern Africa (Cape Town: SAMP, 2010)

Table of Contents

  1. Jonathan Crush and Bruce Frayne
    Surviving on the move
  2. Robert Mattes and Namhla Mniki
    Restless minds: South African students and the brain drain
  3. Abel Chikanda
    Medical migration from Zimbabwe in the post-Esap era: magnitude causes and impact on the poor
  4. Loren B. Landau
    Discrimination and development? Migration, urbanization, and sustainable livelihoods in South Africa’s forbidden cities
  5. Miriam Grant
    Lodging as a migrant economic strategy in urban Zimbabwe
  6. Bruce Frayne
    Migration and the changing social economy of Windhoek, Namibia
  7. Samuel O. Owuor
    Migrants, urban poverty and the changing nature of urban-rural linkages in Kenya
  8. France Maphosa
    Remittances and development: The impact of migration to South Africa on rural livelihoods in southern Zimbabwe
  9. Fion de Vletter
    Migration and development in Mozambique: poverty, inequality and survival
  10. Theresa Ulicki and Jonathan Crush
    Poverty, gender and migrancy: Lesotho’s migrant farmworkers in South Africa
  11. Zola A. Ngonini
    Anxious communities: The decline of mine migration in the Eastern Cape
  12. Natalya Dinat and Sally Peberdy
    Worlds of work, health and migration: domestic workers in Johannesburg
  13. Prerna Banati
    Risk amplification: HIV in migrant communities

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