Migration and Health in Southern Africa
(Cape Town: Van Schaik, 2003)


  1. Robin Cohen
    Introduction: from fear to solidarity
  2. Brian D. Gushulak
    health and population mobility: current challenges and historical tools
  3. Anne Digby
    'Bridging two worlds': the migrant labourer and medical change in Southern Africa
  4. Simonne Horwitz
    Migrants, urbanites & health care on the Witwatersrand, c. 1930 - 1950
  5. Shula Marks
    The silent scourge? Silicosis, respiratory disease and gold-mining in South Africa
  6. Howard Phillips
    'A move for the better': changing health status among Jewish immigrants in Cape Town, 1881 - 1931
  7. S.B. Bekker and K. Swart with appendix by R. Dorrington
    The relationship between migration and the HIV-AIDS pandemic: a preliminary South African analysis
  8. Frederik le R. Booysen
    HIV/AIDS-induced migration: evidence from the Free State province, South Africa
  9. Mark Collinson, Brent Wolff, Stephen Tollman and Kathleen Kahn
    Trends in internal labour migration from the rural Limpopo Province, male risk behaviour and implications for spread of HIV/AIDS in rural South Africa
  10. Mark N. Lurie
    The epidemiology of migration and AIDS in South Africa
  11. Abel Chikanda
    Skilled health professionals' migration and its impact on health delivery in Zimbabwe
  12. J.F. Cronje, H. Strydom and A. Haasbroek
    The impact of Mozambican migration on critical health issues in Mpumalanga
  13. Judith Head
    Re-conceptualising migration in Southern Africa: some aspects of the health impact
  14. David Parkin
    The commercilisation of biomedicine and the politics of flight in Zanzibar, Tanzania
  15. Margarida Paulo
    Perceptions of HIV/AIDS in the Mafalala barrio, Maputo
  16. Dick Ranga
    The impact of the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP) on migrant remittances and implications for rural livelihoods
  17. Hugh M. Grant
    From the Transvaal to the Prairies: the migration of South African physicians to Canada
  18. James R. Cochrane
    Religion in the health of migrant communities: asset or deficit?
  19. Jasmine M. Waddell
    Migrating the dream: the child support grant and internal migration in post-apartheid South Africa
  20. Charles Watters
    Good practice in the mental health care of refugees: perspectives on South Africa
  21. Theodore Fleischer
    Migration, HIV/AIDS and public health in South Africa

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