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Senate Academic Planning

Academic Planning Task Force 2010-2011

The final report of the Task Force was approved by the Senate on  November 22, 2011.

Queen’s University Academic Plan 2011
Collected Comments

The Academic Planning Task Force was struck by Queen’s Senate in November 2010 with a mandate to consult widely and draft the university’s Academic Plan.


  • Petra Fachinger (English, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Senator)
  • William Flanagan (Dean, Faculty of Law, Senator)
  • Mark Jones (English, Senator) [Sabbatical leave July 2011]
  • Iain Reeve (Political Studies, PhD ‘13, Senator)
  • Vicki Remenda (Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Senator)
  • Chris Rudnicki (Philosophy, BAH ‘11, AMS VP University Affairs) Replaced August 2011 by Kieran Slobodin (Economics, AMS VP University Affairs)
  • Steve Tanner (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, staff)
  • Peter Taylor (Mathematics and Statistics, Biology, Education) – Chair

This is the third in what is a four-stage process.  In January 2010, the Principal’s vision document Where Next? appeared and all units and Faculties were invited to respond to a series of questions posed in the document.  Following that, the Academic Writing Team, a group of six Queen’s faculty, took on the job of synthesizing the responses and consulting further with the community and summarized their findings in a second document Imagining the Future, which contained a large number of recommendation.  As the third stage of this process, the current document builds on the work of the first two and puts forward the University Academic Plan.  Finally the fourth implementation stage will allocate existing resources in the best possible way to explore and, when feasible, to realize the Plan’s recommendations.  We expect that many such decisions will be made by individual units. The purpose of the Plan is to give us some overall “guidance” or “ideas,” so that we can work together towards a common vision for Queen’s.

Over a period of 10 months, the Academic Planning Task Force met regularly as a committee, held more than 40 meetings with members of the community, all the way from individual consultations to town-halls, collected and responded to numerous comments on our interactive website, digested many articles and reports including the unit responses to Where Next? and Imagining the Future, and finally used our own experience and imagination to lay down a chart of how we should proceed over the next few years. 

We expect the next implementation stage to be an ongoing dynamic process and therefore we continue to solicit and value comments (or questions, reflections) from the Queen’s community on the broad outlines and details of the Plan.  We encourage signed submissions, but anonymous submissions are welcome as well. Procedural questions can be answered by writing

1. Where Next?
2. Imagining the Future
3. Acronyms
4. Unit Responses
5. Consultations
6. Bibliography
7. UUDLEs and GDLEs

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