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The SAPTF Report on “virtualization and online learning” is posted for the Queen’s community. It will be submitted to Senate for consideration in the April meeting. Highlights identify areas that have undergone substantial revisions in response to comments from the draft posted in March.  Send your comments on this report directly to the SAPTF ( or post a comment on this forum.

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2 Responses to “The Report”

  1. Ralph Whitney says:

    While this report from the Task Force seems to cover most of the issues associated with virtualization and on-line learning, there seems to be one area where there is no information. This is the area that deals with “intellectual property” and ownership/copyright for on-line courses. If a faculty member develops and implements an on-line course then, as I understand it, he/she owns this course material as “intellectual property” which puts a limitation on the use by other “instructors”. I believe some clarification of this use is warranted.

  2. Ralph Whitney says:

    To follow up on my previous comment, the intellectual property issue is briefly discussed on p. 89 but the consequences for this are not. What happens if the course developer uses the course outside of Queen’s and CDS? What happens if a new instructor offers an on-line course developed by a previous instructor? Can he/she alter the course material?

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