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Graduate Theses

Abrahams, Yvette. 1994. Resistance, Pacification and Consciousness: A Discussion of the Historiography of Khoisan Resistance from 1972 to 1993 and Khoisan Resistance from 1652 to 1853. (MA, History)

Anyoti, Paul Odaba. 1992. Law and Policy Governing Foreign Investment in Botswana. (LLM, Law)

Atkinson, Craig John. 1992. Regional Industrial Change in Southern Africa: A Case Study of Swaziland in the 1980s. (MA, Geography)

Badenhorst, Cecile Marie. 1992. Mines, Missionaries and the Municipality: Organised African Sport and Recreation in Johannesburg, c1920-1950. (PhD, Geography)

Baker, Julie J. 1989. "The Silent Crisis": Black Labour, Disease, and the Economics and Politics of Health on the South African Gold Mines, 1902-1930. (PhD, Geography)

Bottomley, John. 1990. Public Policy and White Rural Poverty in South Africa, 1881-1924. (PhD, History)

Bowker, Celia G. (Celia Gwenith). 1989. From Protest to Black Consciousness: Black South African Literary History, 1945-1985. (MA, History)

Brooks, Shirley J. (Shirley Joy). 1990. Playing the Game: The Struggle for Wildlife Protection in Zululand, 1910-1930. (MA, Geography)

Brooks, Shirley J. (Shirley Joy). 2001. Changing Nature: A Critical Historical Geography of the Umfolozi and Hluhluwe Game Reserve, Zululand 1887 - 1947. (PhD, Geography)

Child, Keith. 2003. Raising Cane: Small Grower Contract Production in the South African Sugar Industry. (PhD, Political Studies)

Chirwa, Wiseman Chijere. 1992. 'Theba' is Power: Rural Labour, Migrancy and Fishing in Malawi, 1890s-1985. (PhD, History)

Cockerton, Camilla M. 1995. "Running Away" from "The Land of the Desert": Women's Migration from Colonial Botswana to South Africa, c. 1895-1966. (PhD, Geography)

Crush, Jonathan Scott. 1983. The Struggle for Swazi labour, 1890-1920. (PhD, Geography)

Davidson, Paul Henry. 1988. Christian Missionaries and African Development in Southern Rhodesia, 1890-1923: Towards a Reassessment. (MA, History)

Deibert, Ronald James. 1990. New Thinking and the Angola-Namibia Accords : Soviet Theory and Practice in the Third World. (MA, Political Studies)

Dirks, John M. (John Mark). 1988. The Internationalization of the South African Race Crisis: South African Foreign Policy, African Nationalism and the West, 1945-54. (MA, History)

Dobell, Lauren (Lauren Lisa). 1992. New Lamps for Old?: The Evolution of Swapo's Philosophy of Development 1960-1991. (MA, Political Studies)

Duncan, David (David John). 1987. Taming the Lion: The Political Consequences of South Africa's Regional Economic Strength, 1900-1953. (MA, History)

Duncan, David (David John). 1990. "The Mills of God": State Bureaucracy and African Labour in South Africa, 1918-1948. (PhD, History)

Fakudze, Patience Nozizwe. 1987. Mine Waste Management in Swaziland: A Comparative Study of the Effects of Asbestos and Coal Mine Waste on the Environment. (MSc, Geography)

Fikeni, Somadoda (Somadoda Patrick). 1992. Exile and Return: The Politics of Namibia's "Returnees". (MA, Political Studies)

Fortescue, Dominic (Dominic James Lewis). 1990. The Class Struggle: Nationalism and the Communist Party of South Africa, 1940-1950. (MA, History)

Frayne, Bruce (Guy Bruce). 2001. Survival of the Poorest: Food Security and Migration in Namibia. (PhD, Geography)

Galloway, Sheila Henrietta Valerie. 1992. Land Policy and the Rule of Law in Zimbabwe. (LLM, Law)

Grant, Miriam R. (Miriam Ruth). 1991. Rental Shelter as a Coping Mechanism in Gweru, Zimbabwe. (PhD, Geography)

Grewal, Kanwaljit. 1994. Cut Off At the Pass?: African Women, the Family and Urban Areas Legislation, 1945-60. (MA, History)

Hawley, Samuel Jay. 1986. The African National Congress and the Urban Black South African, 1912-1930. (MA, History)

Hoseah, Edward. 1989. Study of the Judiciary and the Rule of Law in Tanzania, with Particular Reference to Bail. (LLM, Law)

Ibokette, Isongesit Sampson. 1983. Labour Strategies in the Transvaal Gold Mining Industry, 1890-1910. (MA, History)

Jarvie, Grant. 1983. Class, Race and Sport in South Africa's Political Economy. (MA, Physical Health and Education)

Jeeves, Alan. 1971. The Rand Capitalists and Transvaal Politics, 1892-1899. (PhD, History)

Juergensen, Olaf Henry Tataryn. 1996. Peasants on the Periphery: A Geohistory of Rural Change in Mozambique, c1960-1992. (PhD, Geography)

Théopiste Kabanda. 2002. La litterature africaine orale face `a l'épopée feminine: le cas de Ndabaga du Rwanda. (MA, French Studies)

Katanekwa, Timothy Inumbwa. 1998. A Critical Evaluation of the Zambian Juvenile Criminal Justice System. (LLM, Law)

Kelly, Karen Diane. 1989. Comparison of Family Physicians' and Obstetricians' Intrapartum Management of Low-risk Pregnancies. (MSc, Community Health and Epidemiology)

Klausen, Susanne Maria. 1994. "For the Sake of the Race": Eugenic Discourses in the South African Medical Record, 1903-1926, and the Journal of the Medical Association of South Africa, 1927-1931. (MA, History)

Klausen, Susanne Maria. 1999. The Formation of a National Birth-Control Movement and the Establishment of Contraceptive Services in South Africa, 1930-39. (PhD, History)

Knight, Casimir Stephen Bower. 1991. The British Churches and the Namibian Struggle. (MA, Political Studies)

Knowles, Simon Francis. 1988. The Sense of Power: The Transvaal and the Formation of the Union of South Africa, 1902-1910. (MA, History)

Koku, Emmanuel Felix. 1995. Computers in Tanzania: Modernization and Dependency. (MA, Sociology)

Lazar, Eva. "Ain't I A Citizen?": A Study of Consciousness, Resistance and Identity in the Domestic Service Sector in Post-apartheid South Africa (PhD, Political Studies)

Letele, Seeng Catherine. 1987. Protection Against Unjust Dismissal: A Comparative Study of Canada, South Africa, and Lesotho. (LLM, Law)

Lewis, Gavin Llewellyn Mackenzie. 1984. The Reactions of the Cape Coloureds to Segregation, 1900-1948. (PhD, History)

Martens, Jeremy (Jeremy Creighton). 1997. 'An Easy Prey to Temptation...': White South African Perceptions of 'Coloured' People in the Era of Segregation, 1928-1945. (MA, History)

Martens, Jeremy (Jeremy Creighton). 2001. 'So Destructive of Domestic Security and Comfort': Settler Domesticity, Race and the Regulation of African Behaviour in the Colony Natal, 1843-1893. (PhD, History)

Maseko, Sipho Sibusiso. 1992. The Student Movement and the Struggle for Liberation in Namibia. (MA, Political Studies)

Mather, Charles. 1992. Agrarian Transformation in South Africa: Land and Labour in the Barberton District, c1920-1960. (PhD, Geography)

Matsebula, Michael Sisa. 1981. Fiscal Policy Effects on Growth and Structural Change in a Dualistic Economy: Simulations for Swaziland.(PhD, Economics)

Maylam, Paul Robert. 1972. The Significance of the Disputed Territory in Bechuanaland, 1887-1893. (MA, History)

Maylam, Paul Robert. 1976. The British South Africa Company and the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1889-1899.(PhD, History)

McCallum, Simone Lisa. 1994. Radical Racism in the Transvaal: F.H.P. Creswell and the White Labour Movement.(MA, History)

McCullough, Peter Bruce. 1988. The Growth of Assertive Action: The African National Congress and Urban Issues, 1930-1948.(MA, History)

McHome, Sifuni E. (Sifuni Ernest). 1991. Towards a Communitarian Approach to Crimes: The Quest for an Effective, Less Expensive But Understandable Community Oriented Criminal Justice System. (LLM, Law)

Meier, James. 1994. The African National Congress and the Black Working Class 1937-1948. (MA, History)

Mhina, Mkombozi Vincent. 1988. Implications for Coastal States of the Establishment of Exclusive Economic Zones: A Case Study of Tanzania. (LLM, Law)

Miles, Miranda C. 1991. Missing Women: A Study of Swazi Female Migration to the Witwatersrand, 1920-1970. (MA, Geography)

Molefe, Bontle Pauline. 1987. A Case Study of Clinical Supervision with Implications for Supervision of Teachers in Botswana. (MEd, Education)

Mtonga, Lewis Mtimawanjara. 1992.  Rinderpest in Southern Africa: A Study in the Politics of Scarcity in British Bechuanaland, 1895-1910. (MA, History)

Mulwafu, Wapulumuka Oliver. 1990. Impact of Capitalist Development on the African Peasantry in Malawi and Kenya. (MA, History)

Musi, Mahlape. 1989. Teacher Educators' Perspectives on Development Studies: A Qualitative Analysis of Factors Affecting Implementation in the Teacher Preparation Program. (MEd, Education)

Namasasu, Oswell. 1984. Countering Unequal Development Through Regional Cooperation: Towards an Understanding of the Potential and Limits of the Southern Africa Development Coordination Conference (SADCC). (MA, Geography)

Nault, Derrick Mark. 1994. (Un)captured Peasantry and Capitalist Development in Malawi: A Study in Hunger and Famine, c. 1830s-1992. (PhD, History)

Nauright, John. 1992. "Black Island in a White Sea": Black and White in the Making of Alexandra Township, South Africa, 1912-1948. (PhD, History)

Nicholas, Sheila M. 1992. The Development of African Capitalism in Zimbabwe. (PhD, Political Studies)

Ntabeni, Mary Nombulelo. 1996. War and Society in Colonial Lesotho, 1939-1945. (PhD, History)

Orr, Robert John. 1982. The Dream of a Greater South Africa: Competing Ideologies of Expansion, 1870 to 1930. (MA, History)

Parry, Richard John. 1988. Birds on a Flat Rock: Black Workers and the Limits of Colonial Power in Salisbury, Rhodesia, 1890-1939. (PhD, History)

Pretorius, Wilma. 2003. Analysis and Geochemistry of Siderophile Elements (Os, Ir, Ru, Pt, Re) and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Kimberlites and their Mantle Inclusions: Relations to Evolution, Diamond Growth and Metasomatism in the Mantle. Geological Sciences.

Reichardt, Markus T. 1989. The Ties that Bind?: The Politics of Rail Transport Manipulation in Southern Africa, c.1900-1980. (MA, History)

Rutinwa, Bonaventure. 1990. Management and Settlement of Industrial Disputes in Tanzania. (LLM, Law)

Sahle, Eunice. 2001. Democratisation in Malawi State, Economic Structure and Neo-liberal Hegemony. (PhD, Political Studies)

Smith, Heather A. (Heather Ann). 1988. Light in the Window: Canadian Foreign Policy Towards South Africa, September 1984-October 1987. (MA, Political Studies)

Soutter, Christopher K. (Christopher Karl). 1995. Labour Migration and Stabilization on the Transvaal Coal Mines, 1920-1990. (MA, Geography)

Steenkamp, Philip John. 1988. A Vision of Order: Development Policy in Bechuanaland, 1929-1937. (MA, History)

Steenkamp, Philip John. 1985. Colonial Administration, Migrant Labour and Economic Development: Bechuanaland, 1930-1945. (PhD, History)

Torrance, David E. (David Emmons). 1986. The Strange Death of the Liberal Empire: Lord Selborne in South Africa. (PhD, History)

Williams, Stephen Duncan. 1993. Factors Affecting Mining Investment in Botswana. (MSc, Mining Engineering)

Yapwantha, Edward Radford. 1979. The Constitution of the Republic of Zambia: Judicial Interpretation of Some Basix Fundamental Rights. (LLM, Law)


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