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June 5-6 2011:

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Ontario is entering a critical phase in the development of its future energy supply. Renewable energy sources, including biomass, will drive future economic development, but there is growing apprehension that their deployment will also drive prices higher and cripple future competitiveness. How are industries and communities responding to these issues as they incorporate biomass-to-energy alternatives? What role will the biorefinery play in our future? Perhaps most importantly, what policies best serve Ontario’s people and the environment? Please join as we explore these issues from the perspective of industry, community, government, and research. We invite you to be part of the discussion- and to help us find solutions!

- October 30, 2010, SBC and QIEEP co-hosted roundtable on Low-carbon socioeconomic development in Eastern Ontario. Stay tuned for documentation that will emerge from that event.

- May 30 - May 31 , 2010 SBC co-hosted, with the Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, its 3rd Annual Conference “The Great Lakes Bio-Region: Market Opportunities and Carbon Pricing". It gathered together politicians, senior policy-makers and industry representatives to discuss the current state of biomass energy alternatives.
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 - SBC continues to take a leading role within the Great Lakes Sustainable Energy Consortia with links to the Syracuse Centre of Excellence and the Thousand Island Energy Research Forum

NEXT TIERF meeting: Nov. 12-14 2010 See here (updated Nov 2) for Information.

Overview of Energy and Society activites at Queen's....presented at TIERF 2010

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Seminar: Integrative Research on Enterprise Sustainability October 4 2010

Paul Shrivastava, Ph. D.
David O'Brien Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Enterprise
Director, David O'Brien Center for Sustainable Enterprise
John Molson School of Business, Concordia University

SBC/MNR Hosted Forest Biomass Discovery Workshop

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Join SBC: Together we will realize bioeconomy opportunities.

The Sustainable Bioeconomy Centre is creating a collaborative community to advance the environmental, economic and ethical use of biological resources within the Great Lakes Region.

The SBC community will become the forum for biological, financial and academic engagement in the process of advancing the bioeconomy. Members who join the SBC community will have unique opportunities to share, collaborate and participate in strategic efforts to create an economy that is sustainable through its use of our vast biological resources.


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See recent interview with Prof. Pollard and Mabee as they explain ongoing work with Lafarge Cement on the use of biomass to replace coal in their Bath, ON plant:

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