Current SBC Projects

EVENT - May 30 - May 31 , 2010 SBC co-hosted, with the Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, its 3rd Annual Conference “The Great Lakes Bio-Region: Market Opportunities and Carbon Pricing".

It gathered together politicians, senior policy-makers and industry representatives to discuss the current state of biomass energy alternatives.
Details are available HERE

SBC continues to take a leading role within the Great Lakes Sustainable Energy Consortia with links to the Syracuse Centre of Excellence and the Thousand Island Energy Research Forum

SBC Background

The Sustainable Bioeconomy Centre (SBC) at Queen's University focuses on bioenergy and other biomass opportunities within the Great Lakes region.  The SBC vision is to build a coordinated and inclusive community, where stakeholders actively participate in the development of sustainable environmental, economic and ethical uses for biological resources.

With the support of Queen’s renowned academic team, and building upon the foundation of engaged stakeholders assembled by BIOCAP Canada, SBC continues to develop an inclusive and integrated community dedicated to developing the bioeconomy within Great Lakes region.

The SBC community will engage like-minded researchers and individuals, government and industry, and will become the source for credible information, discussion, idea sharing and expert opinion.  United with a common vision, SBC is creating a community of opportunity.