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EVENT - May 30 - May 31 , 2010 SBC co-hosted, with the Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, its 3rd Annual Conference “The Great Lakes Bio-Region: Market Opportunities and Carbon Pricing".

It gathered together politicians, senior policy-makers and industry representatives to discuss the current state of biomass energy alternatives.
Details are available HERE

SBC continues to take a leading role within the Great Lakes Sustainable Energy Consortia with links to the Syracuse Centre of Excellence and the Thousand Island Energy Research Forum

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QIEEP/SBC Event Draws Hundreds for Biomass and Energy Initiative
June 8-9, 2008

SBC joins Lafarge and Performance Plants on Clean Energy Project
June 5, 2008

Queen’s spearheads new sustainable energy group
February 27, 2008

Queen’s announces new Sustainable Bioeconomy Centre
January 15, 2008.