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EVENT - May 30 - May 31 , 2010 SBC co-hosted, with the Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, its 3rd Annual Conference “The Great Lakes Bio-Region: Market Opportunities and Carbon Pricing".

It gathered together politicians, senior policy-makers and industry representatives to discuss the current state of biomass energy alternatives.
Details are available HERE

SBC continues to take a leading role within the Great Lakes Sustainable Energy Consortia with links to the Syracuse Centre of Excellence and the Thousand Island Energy Research Forum

The Forest Biomass Discovery Workshop

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Advancing the forest biomass inventory for Eastern Ontario

March 7, 2009

On March 7th, in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Sustainable Bioeconomy Centre hosted a one-day workshop on Queen’s University campus to investigate Forest Biomass Inventory. The presentations examined not only what wood the forests hold, but also the technology available to do inventory now and in the near future. Presenters and participants also discussed the varied priorities of scientific researchers and those who harvest the resource, and considered how inventory plays a role in guiding use of forest biomass for electricity generation.


Participants List

Presentations (click on links below)

Radford, M.
Streit, M.
White, E.
Barkley, B.
Scott, N.
Linkewich, J.
Treitz, P.
Woods, M.
Dech, J.
Deadman, P.
Mabee, W.