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Senate Committee Student Vacancy Form


The members of the Senate Nominating Committee will score your written application on the following two dimensions:

(1) Experience/Potential - evidence that you have the experience, skills or potential to perform well on the Senate committee(s) applied for.

(2) Adequacy of Application Preparation - evidence that your application has been prepared conscientiously and by extension, that you will most likely perform the task of the Senate committee conscientiously.

If you have any problems or questions about the forms or the nomination process, please contact the University Secretariat at senate@queensu.ca or call 613-533-6095. Please be sure to include a correct return e-mail address so we can reply to your query.

You will receive confirmation by e-mail within a week that your application has been received. If you do not receive such confirmation, contact the University Secretariat at 613-533-6095.

Eligibility for Senate and Senate Committee Membership
In June 1976, the Senate approved the following guidelines proposed by the Operations Review Committee: "Students who are registered in one or more courses for credit towards a Queen's Degree."

Application Form

Because of the demanding nature of committee obligations, the Senate Nominating Committee recommends that students have a minimum cumulative average of 70%. Relative standing for applications with this average is not a consideration.

Biographical Information







Degree(s): (eg: B.Com., B.A./B.Ed.)

Graduating Year:

Are you a Graduate or Undergraduate Student?:

Are you a Senator?

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Committee(s): (if more than one, list in order of preference)

How did you hear about the opportunity to serve on a Senate Committee?


  1. Have you served on a senate committee at Queen's, or elsewhere? Please provide the committee name, dates of membership, and particular duties: (please do not use acronyms)

  2. Other committee responsibilities, student offices, or extracurricular activities? Please describe relevant experience, giving position details and dates: (please do not use acronyms)

  3. Please provide the names of two persons at Queen's (not necessarily faculty) who can be contacted, via email, to provide reference: (please do not use acronyms)

Current Application

  1. What would you rank as the major functions of the senate committee(s) for which you are applying?

  2. What personal attributes or perspectives do you possess that will allow you to make a significant contribution to the committee(s) for which you are applying?

  3. What experience do you think you might gain from serving on a senate committee?

  4. Would you be willing to accept another position if your first choices are filled and/or in the opinion of the Nominating Committee you would be better suited to another commmittee?

  5. The Senate is concerned to diversify the composition of its committees. Is there any dimension of your background you would like the Nominating Committee to consider in this regard. Applicants are also invited to add any other additional information they may consider relevant.

Pursuant to s. 41(a) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, I consent to the use and disclosure of my name and contact information upon request by individuals internal to Queen's University, including the Alma Mater Society and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students [s.41 (b)] for the purpose for which it was obtained or compiled.

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