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Joint Board-Senate Principal Search Committee 

News and Updates

Queen's Gazette, November 28, 2017: Principal Woolf withdraws from seeking third term

Queen's Gazette, November 30, 2017: Checking in with the chancellor


Principal and Vice-Chancellor Daniel Woolf’s current term is scheduled to conclude on June 30, 2019. On November 28, 2017, Principal Woolf announced that he will not be seeking a third term.

Accordingly, a Joint Board/Senate Principal Search Committee has been established to conduct the search process, in confidence, with a view to delivering a recommendation regarding a candidate to the Board of Trustees.

The Joint Committee is made up of nine members of the Board of Trustees and nine members of the Senate, in addition to Chancellor Jim Leech, who will chair the committee.

The Queen's community will be updated at regular intervals regarding the progress of the search process.


For photos and biographical statements of the members, please visit this page.

Membership Affiliation Status
J. Leech Chair Appointed
H. Claxton Board of Trustees Appointed
Vacancy Senate  Appointed
L. Daneshmend Senate  Appointed
G. Denford Board of Trustees Appointed
P. Fachinger Senate  Appointed
A. Grotsky Senate  Appointed
E. Knutsen Senate Appointed
C. Lemmon Senate  Appointed
J. Li Senate  Appointed
S. Lounsbury Board of Trustees Appointed
C. Lynch Board of Trustees Appointed
K. McKinnon Board of Trustees Appointed
J. Ortiz Senate Appointed
D. Raymond Board of Trustees Appointed
R. Reznick Senate  Appointed
D. Tisch Board of Trustees Appointed
M. Wilson Trider Board of Trustees Appointed
C. Yung Board of Trustees Appointed


Advisory members 

S. Simpson, Equity and Human Rights Office

R. Coupland, Associate University Secretary

L. Knox, University Secretary