University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

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Membership 2017-18

Secretary of the Board of Trustees: L. Knox

Associate Secretary: R. Coupland


Ex Officio Members 3
Elected by:
The Board of Trustees 10
The University Council 6
The Students 2
The Faculty 2
The Staff 2


Ex Officio
The Chancellor - J. Leech
The Principal and Vice-Chancellor - D. Woolf

The Rector - C. Yung


Elected by the Board of Trustees Term Ends
D. Raymond (Chair)  2020
D. Grace (Vice-Chair)  2018
E. Speal (Vice-Chair) 2018
D. Allgood 2020
H. Claxton 2019
J. Keohane 2019
K. McKinnon (Vice-Chair) 2020
R. McFarlane 2018
S. Riddell Rose  2018
B. Warmbold 2018


Elected by the University Council - 3 year term Term Ends
D. Bruce  2018
K. Pritchard 2018
S. Lounsbury 2019
C. Lynch 2020
D. Tisch (Vice-Chair) 2020
M. Wilson Trider (Vice-Chair) 2019


Elected by the Students - 2 year term Term Ends
V. Chappell (Undergraduate) 2019
A. Ali (Graduate) 2018


Elected by the Faculty - 3 year term Term Ends
D. Bakhurst  2018
B. Surgenor 2020


Elected by the Staff - 3 year term Term Ends
G. Denford  2018
C. Evans 2020


Observers Constituency
D. Beauchemin QUFA
L. Hanson QUFA
K. Lake QUFA
S. Bates QUAA
H. Smith Ombudsman
A. Grotsky SGPS