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Research Initiation Grants Policy




Date initially approved:

Date of last revision:

Research (see also Finance)

Vice-Principals' Operational Committee (VPOC)

Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)


2013 April 17

Purpose/Reason for Policy:

The Research Initiation Grant (RIG) program is designed to provide a one-time start-up research Project (account) for new academic appointees who meet the eligibility requirements below.  The program is not intended to replace applications to either internal or external research granting committees/ agencies but rather, it is intended to provide funding, normally for up to three (3) years at the start of an appointment when grant monies have typically not begun to flow.

Scope of the Policy:

RIGs are available to new faculty members with the following types of appointments:

  • Tenure-track or renewable term appointments Appointments with Tenure
  • Special Geographically Full-time appointments of three (3) years or longer
  • Special Appointments (as defined in the prevailing Collective Agreement; currently Article Collective Agreement 2011-2015) of three (3) years or longer


Policy Statement:

Queen's University supports new faculty members by extending to new faculty hires, as defined in the Scope of this Policy, a Research Initiative Grant to provide one-time start-up research funds.



Provision of RIG funding will be entirely the responsibility of the relevant Faculty/School. 

Each Faculty/School will be responsible for drafting its own internal processes for administering and monitoring Research Initiation Grants consistent with the aims of this policy and related procedures.


Contact Officer Associate Director Research Accounting
Date for Next Review 2018, September 30
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