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Research Initiation Grants Procedure 

Contact Officer: Associate Director of Research Accounting                                                                     
Purpose The RIG procedures provide clarity around the establishment, authority, accountability and administration of Research Initiation Grants.  The associated policy is Research Initiation Grants.
Procedure Step 1



  • RIGs must be initiated at the time of recruitment or recommendation of a new appointment.
  • The appointment letter shall indicate the amount of funds available from the Faculty/School
  • The Dean will communicate the Faculty specific terms and conditions of the RIG at the time of appointment.
  • After the appointee has accepted the appointment, the relevant Dean(s) will establish the RIG Project (account) by contacting Financial Services (Research Accounting) (together with the applicable budget). The pre-approved funds will be transferred by the Faculty/School as appropriate.
  • Applications to establish a RIG Project are to be submitted within the first year of appointment and allocated funds are to be used within three (3) years of being made available unless the time for expenditure is extended.  Specific criteria for extensions will be the responsibility of the Faculty/School.
  Step 2



  • Signing authority on RIG Projects (accounts) rests with the faculty member (or delegate).  RIG funds are subject to all relevant Queen's University policies, regulations and guidelines.
  • All expenditures must be in support of research activity.
  • Equipment, software, and other assets purchased using RIG funds are the property of Queen's University.
  • Since RIGs are intended to be one-time start-up funds for faculty, no over-expenditures will be permitted.
  Step 3



  • RIG Projects will be closed on the earlier of one of the following two dates (unless an extension is granted by the Faculty / School):
  1. Three years after the date that the funds were first transferred to the RIG project; 
  2. The faculty member leaves the employ of the University.
  • Remaining fund balances will be redistributed in a manner proportional to the original source(s).

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Date for Next Review:  2018 September 30

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